Who We Are

Who We Are

Educare India is a self-sustained, not-for-profit organization. Our core belief is that every human being has the right to an empowered, respectful, healthy, and sustainable living environment. It is because of this belief that we work to promote the UN’s 17+ Sustainable Development Goals at various locations in India. We envision a world where everyone has the opportunity and capacity to direct social, environmental, and economic resources toward sustainable outcomes that improve lives and communities. Our organization’s mission is two-fold. First, we wish to develop and administer effective programs that aim to spread awareness, impart skills, create opportunities, and build capacity in individuals, families and community groups in hope to reach regenerative and sustainable future. Second, we want to make use of creative community sensitive strategies to enhance pathways for social justice, public health, economic empowerment, intellectual freedom, and ecological consciousness among individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Our work is directed towards the marginalized, the vulnerable, the helpless, and the seeable yet invisible communities of India.

Our Roots

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What we refer today to as EduCARE India, started one fine day as a charitable organization in 1994-95 in a remote rural area in northwest India borne of the motive to work in three primary domains – social upliftment, education, and health. Since its inception, EduCARE has been on a journey of a lifetime – from a young, naïve but well-meaning and ambitious organization to a 25 year-old self-sustaining, experienced, and resilient institution – the transformation has been a source of immense pride for us. Along its journey, EduCARE underwent multiple transformations. Made many partners. And most importantly, changed many lives.

It was in 2004 that the name ‘EduCARE’ was adopted. In the very same year, we started the Educare Internship Program. Through 2004-2009, we established some of our most fundamental core values, principles and goals that we continue to pursue as we mature and increase our capacity as an organization. Some of our memorable initiatives include – GlobaPEACE, SEVA, YouVA, Experiential Learning, Community Applied Research, Sustainable Development and Futuristic Regenerative Systems development. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of working with more than a couple thousand motivated individuals from all around the world. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development declaring in 2012 the 17+ goals that every member country should be striving towards achieving was a significant milestone in EduCARE’s journey, since it reaffirmed that the issues our organization was already working on were not only of local significance, but global as well.

All the work that we do is done with keeping the noble principle of seva (selfless service) in our hearts and minds. Along with health, education, and social upliftment, we have started projects in the domains of economic development and environmental preservation as well. Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Far and away the best prize life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing”. We consider ourselves lucky to have found our vocation.

Core values

As an organization, we value five principle values above all else:

1) Seva – We use our innovation, commitment to service, and professional expertise to facilitate outcomes that improve people’s lives without expecting anything in return.

2) Integrity – We do what is right and always hold ourselves, our beneficiaries, our stakeholders, and general the general public to the highest ethical standards.

3) Respect – We embrace diversity and pursue inclusion of backgrounds, identities, cultures, work styles, and perspectives. Treating everyone with dignity and compassion is important to us.

4) Teamwork – We believe in working together towards achieving common goals. We seek diverse perspectives and ideas, for positive discourse and discussions hold the possibility of opening new doors.

5) Innovation – We learn and adapt to find better ways of doing things. Challenging assumptions and learning from our mistakes is part of our DNA.