Our programs & projects

Our programs & projects

Rural Development

Grameen ViKAAS Dev SEVA initiative

Village Knowledge, Awareness and Action on Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action

Some of the sustainable rural development work areas of projects include:

  1. Social and Cultural Equity, Women Empowerment and Gender Issues
  2. Health and Well-being, Food and Nutrition, Emergency First Aid and Safety
  3. Economic Empowerment and Poverty Alleviation
  4. Education and Skills Development program
  5. Ecology and Environment, Natural Resources (Water, Air and Soil Hygiene) Conservation

Urban Development

Nagar SUDHAAR SEVA initiative

Sustainable Urban Development, Humanitarian Assistance And Resilience through Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action

Some of the projects include:

  1. Sanitation and Waste Management
  2. Healthcare Outreach for Needy
  3. Education and Life Skills for the Marginalised
  4. Eco-buildings and Sustainable Energy promotion
  5. Eco-Tourism and Cultural Heritage Promotion

Other Sustainable development related initiatives of EduCARE India NGO also include (but not limited to):

While each program has their own predominant focus area, we employ a holistic approach, connecting all of our programs through education and empowerment, the basis of all our projects.

Apart from conducting some of the activities at independent locations, most of the project activity work of these affiliate programs is currently undertaken in an integrated approach at our city based Nagar SUDHAAR SEVA centres and at our rural village based Grameen ViKAAS Dev SEVA Centre  facilities in various parts of India.