Organization Philosophy and Beliefs

Our philosophy relies on the principles and beliefs that:

  • Local communities are capable of developing from within, without external financial aid;
  • Creative and new approaches to problems are needed to cause a real and sustainable impact;
  • If we lead by example in creating new solutions, we can inspire other people to join/follow us;
  • Volunteering and a general belief in the need to help each other should serve as the base of change;
  • A social entrepreneurial approach is the most effective and sustainable;
  • Allowing people to rely on charity for their livelihood encourages ‘rent-seeking’ behavior, discourages self-help, and is thus not supported;
  • A lot can be done with willpower and passion; money is not the only agent for change;
  • Awareness through education is the basis of creating a desire to develop sustainably;
  • Youth can be at the lead for community-based sustainable development through engagement, development, and a role-modeling approach.


Every human being is a capable, confident, and responsible global citizen.

EduCARE envisions a world where all people have the opportunity and capacity to direct social, environmental, and economic resources toward sustainable outcomes that improve individual lives, the community, and the natural environments that we live in.


EduCARE’s mission is to:

  • Develop and administer effective programs that have at their core the goals of spreading knowledge and awareness, imparting skills, creating opportunities and capacity building among individuals, families, and community groups leading to regenerative, sustainable development;
  • Develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance pathways for social justice, public health, economic empowerment, intellectual freedom, and ecological consciousness among individuals, families, and social groups working to achieve their rationalized life dreams.


Our goals are:

  • to be an NGO, known for its commitment and credibility to developing innovative programs that help build local capacity and inspiring leadership, resilient civic institutions, and innovative projects for community education, engagement, and regenerative sustainable development in the communities that we work with;
  • to support and complement the policies and initiatives of local, regional, and national governments NGO / CSR initiatives aimed at social justice, public health, economic empowerment, education, life skills, and environmental conservation;
  • to design, develop and implement systems and processes for sustainable development at the grass-root level supporting the inter-governmental – international initiatives on regenerative sustainable development, including the SDGs;
  • to create opportunities for interested aspiring young leaders and women to develop global perspectives, explore their own potential, develop leadership skills, and contribute to community-based sustainable development initiatives;
  • to leverage and utilize the potential of social entrepreneurship and volunteer action through young people and women in leadership.


Our values are at the core of all that we, as an organization, do. Our commitment to applying the values to the way we work makes us unique among other, similar, development NGOs. We are:

  • Self-motivated, 
  • Global-local Citizens,
  • Experiential Learners,
  • System and Design Thinkers,
  • Applied Researchers,
  • Future Leaders,
  • Grass-root level development workers,
  • Social Innovators,
  • Community Educators and capacity builders,
  • Changemakers / change-agents,
  • Reliable partners and team members,
  • Humane and Responsive,
  • Culturally Sensitive and respectful,
  • Ethical and professional

We value honesty, integrity, dedication to our cause, and the motivation and resolve to overcome any obstacles. Self-initiative and leadership combined with cultural sensitivity and teamwork are the primary traits we hope to discover and promote among our team members.


We work for many different self-interested but non-material reasons, including a personal interest in addressing the needs of or solving various social and development problems. This is because of the belief that when you invest in the public good, you invest in yourself. 

Thus, our value systems also relate to our motivations. Our values include:

  • Passion and Interest in the cause
  • Freedom and Responsibility
  • Clarity and Goal-setting
  • Knowledge and Thinking
  • Commitment and Resilience
  • Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Networking and team-works
  • Effort and Performance, etc


We serve:

  • Passionate development and social workers
  • University students
  • Local rural-urban communities
  • Women and girls
  • Children and aged
  • (Socio-economically) marginalized people
  • Trainees in workforce development programs,
  • Small-scale / marginal farmers
  • Rural-urban communities
  • SDGs
  • Government institutions
  • Other NGO institutions