“I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talent; Curiosity, obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism, have brought me to my ideas.” - Albert Einstein

Work Focus Areas

Applied Research and Experiential Learning

Our applied research projects contribute to experiential learning through system and design thinking in regional institutional and grassroots level co

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Sustainable Development & SDGs

Supporting the UN Global Goals’ Mission statement: “A blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all by 2030”

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COVID-19 Pandemic Response

EduCARE India has been providing volunteer support to Red Cross and a charity hospital during COVID-19 pandemic response in capacity building and stra

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Disaster Management and Climate Change Adaptation

Disaster risk reduction and climate change are closely linked. More extreme weather events in future are likely to increase the number and scale of di

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Education and Skills Development

Providing outreach education for life skills and skills development training for employability in rural areas for decent work through micro-entreprene

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Our Locations

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Expansion of Medical and Healthcare Outreach initiatives through 2020

initiatives during the coronavirus / covid-19 pandemic response through 2020 – EduCARE India has been providing volunteer support services to local Red Cross and a charity hospital during COVID-19 pandemic response in capacity building and strategic initiatives, including infrastructural development, community kitchen, new strategic initiatives, training and development,  community disaster education, and emergency first aid.

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‘Grassroots Innovation’ and ‘Waste is Resource’

When I first arrived in Naddi after resigning from my comfortable sales job at a tech giant in Mumbai, I had limited knowledge about the development sector and the catastrophic environmental challenges daunting our planet. The radical decision to leave a prosperous career in advertising technology and join Educare as an intern was fueled by

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On the Move – Chemical to Renewable Engineering

On the move – Chemical to Renewable Engineering Making a portable solar light   After studying Chemical Engineering in UK, I got interested in renewable energies. I came across the internship opportunities offered abroad in India by EduCARE India NGO in micro-scale renewable / alternative energy projects in EduCARE India. I spend the month of

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Steps towards a sustainable future

(towards-a-sustainable-future-swash-project–educare-india-intern-steps) Just a short walk away from the main square in the village of Naddi lives a small community that we refer to as the “Shanney community”. It consists of eight families, about 40 people and although they are only a short distance away from the main village they tend to live their daily lives

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The EDUCARE life!!

To give you all a bit of a back story to myself my name is Ethan Donovan and my mother Rachael Donovan moved to India to work with EduCARE in 2011. I have been a part of and known EduCARE for a long time now and watched the organisation develop and grow. But only this

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Falling in love with India

Did the time fly or did it crawl? I honestly can’t tell. The last six months have not always been easy. I’ve cursed India, I’ve loved India, but in the end I’m leaving EduCARE feeling pretty good. I didn’t always embrace this experience, but about half way through my internship my attitude started to change

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What Our Partners / Volunteers / Interns Say

EduCARE is a unique NGO. It provides a great opportunity to participate in a variety of projects that almost cover for all the 17 SDGs at grassroots level. It was a very enriching experience to me as a young volunteer in cross-cultural settings.

a very enriching experience as a young volunteer

( Jamie, Volunteer from UK, June 2019 )

EduCARE India has been an excellent place for experiential learning and academic internships for our students for so many years. I definitely recommend it to those who are self-motivated and wish to explore and develop their leadership skills.

Excellent platform for experiential learning internship

( Shabab Ahmed, Ass Professor, Social Work Deptt, Central University, Dharamshala )

I have been associated with EduCARE India for over a decade now and I can say that it has been the most fruitful and satisfying journey of my life. Each year I derive satisfaction and happiness that whatever work that we are doing would contribute to a common cause and greater good of the world.

associated with EduCARE India for over a decade

( Rachael, ex - Intern / Fellow / Asst Director, 2011-2020 )

Master Partners

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