Where we work

Where we work

educare-india-map-locations-webOur current work locations are spread over different regions of north and south India.

The rural ViKAAS Dev SEVA and the city SUDHAAR SEVA is spread over five distinct varied geographical and socio-religious demographics in the river basins of northern, western and southern states / UTs of Leh – Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Kerala for applied research, with two cluster coordination and work facilities in metro cities of Delhi and Mumbai.

We engage young university students and young professionals in applied research to develop model sustainable development programs complimenting the government missions that can engage supplementary local leadership in the coming years.

There are also independent experiential education, research, volunteer work, and eco-tourism intiatives at some of our facilities.

By 2025-30, we hope that these facilities can be run directly by the local  communities that we work in, as a platform to help them address some of the social, hralth, economic,  educational and environmental issues in their own or connected sharing communities at grassroots level.