Environment & Biodiversity Conservation

Environment & Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity conservation, the practice of protecting and preserving the wealth and variety of species, habitats, ecosystems, and genetic diversity on the planet, is important for our health, wealth, food, fuel, and services we depend on. It plays an integral role in supporting many sectors of development. Like everywhere else, we too understand that there are three main objectives of biodiversity conservation:

  • To preserve the diversity of species.
  • Sustainable utilization of species and ecosystem.
  • To maintain life-supporting systems and essential ecological processes.

EduCARE India promotes biodiversity conservation by:

  • Setting up of botanical gardens and biodiversity parks
  • Promoting and supporting Biodiversity management Committees and People’s Biodiversity Register at grassroots level

Environmental conservation is the protection, preservation, management, or restoration of natural environments and the ecological communities that inhabit them. Some of our methodologies for conservation of environment and natural resources include:

  • Forest conservation
  • Sustainable organic farming and eco-agriculture
  • Soil conservation. …
  • Managing waste
  • Material Substitution
  • Product Life Extension:
  • Optimum Recycling. …
  • Reducing our water consumption. …
  • Control pollution. …
  • Create public awareness.