Women’s Economic Self-Help Groups

Women’s Economic Self-Help Groups are community savings groups that assist local women access to micro-finance and to take more control over their financial lives.

Financial literacy lessons and other confidence-building sessions equip the women to make more informed and effective decisions regarding their finances. Following these activities, the group, which is made up of 10-20 local women, elects members to monitor and manage the group, and decides on the monthly contributions to be made to the fund. They also decide on a target goal for the group fund, and when this goal is reached they can start making micro-loans to one another. These loans can be for both for emergency and micro-enterprise purposes.

Women's Economic Self-Help GroupIn addition to the financial benefits, our Women’s Economic Self-Help Group involve activities which encourage leadership and decision-making skills, create a forum for women to work together to set collaborative goals, and provide education on cash flow management and bookkeeping. Overall EduCARE India’s aim is that these groups produce an environment that promote empowerment for rural poor, margnalised and women.


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