Eco-Engineering / Alternative Renewable Energy

Eco-Engineering / Alternative Renewable Energy

Renewable / alternative energy team during visit to a biomass power station
EduCARE India’s Renewable / Alternative Energy team during a study tour / learning visit to a biomass power station

Alternative renewable Energy initiative in EduCARE, India NGO has a number of internship opportunities university students and young professionals in projects such as solar, wind, bio-mass/gas, mechanical pedal, The alternative renewable energy project is part of our environment conservation and renewable energy store initiatives. 

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Solar panel atop one of our Village ReStore for standby power supply

A large number of rural population in developing countries have no or lower access to electrical energy either due to lack of connectivity or high charges.  There are also a ew ho waste a lot of energy that is drawn from non-renewable resources including coal fired plants.

Biomass to Charcoal making unit – Staff and Interns work together on an integrated renewable energy and sanitation project.

Fuelwood, agricultural residues, human power and draught animals continue to be the primary energy resources. Finding alternative sources and user-friendly products of energy that are both economical and environmentally friendly is crucial for improved quality of life in rural communities.(Alternative Renewable Energy – EduCARE India NGO, Internship)
Our current small / micro scale alternative renewable energy projects include:

  • Solar water geyser / heating
  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • biomass energy – biomass energy efficiency stoves, pellets and briquette making
  • biogas plant
  • pedal power
  • micro-hydel
  • waste to refused dry fuel

Individuals may propose some novel new ideas that we may consider for approval.

Khushbu Ravani, International Internship Programme member, Asst Project Manager, developed a 3$ / 180 Rs costing Renewable Energy / RE Engineer Hand-held Portable Solar Light,

The interns participating in the EduCARE India internship program can undertake all or one or more of the following work tasks:

  • develop a new energy platform
  • improve upon or help maintain an existing platform
  • information to the local community concerning energy conservation and energy-efficient products.
  • research and analysis on energy economy, alternative renewable energy, and energy efficiency in rural village community
  • design, planning, and documentation

Currently, we are consolidating a partnership with both the government and the private sector to promote alternative energy products at subsidised prices under governmental promotional schemes in rural areas in the region. These products can be sold in a Village ReSTORE shop. There is also scope also for further research and field development activities to innovate new practices for alternative energy resources.

Pedal Power Project – Alternative Renewal Energy Project for internship / fellowship in EduCARE India NGO – restoring an old bicycle and building an exercise cycle cum juicer – shake maker .

More details are available on our affiliate programme blogsite –
EduCARE India NGO: Alternative Energy 

For application and registration for a programme, read more:

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