Graduate Fellowship Program (GFP)

Graduate Fellowship Program (GFP)

Educare provides a unique opportunity to its interns to become Graduate Fellows (GF) and earn leadership experience. Graduate fellows are awarded a management / coordinator position. They are provided with additional training and will be responsible for managing their own department consisting of staff, interns and/or students. They might also be required to meet targets that aim to maintain financial stability in the organization.

Key Features of the Program

A step up the ladder for interns The GFP provides Educare’s interns with the opportunity to move up the ladder and and take leadership for entire an entire department and its team upon themselves.

A minimum one year commitment added responsibility GFP is a minimum 1-year and maximum 3-year work placement designed to provide passionate and motivated graduates with NGO leadership opportunities in the sectors of empowerment and sustainable regenerative development work, team and program/ project management, human resources, marketing, social business management and communication.

Selective Fellowships are awarded to applicants based on a number of key performance indicators and reviews conducted throughout the course of their internship. These include a having a positive and professional attitude, a strong commitment to shared goals and mission of the organization, work ethics, meeting required goals and objectives, and managing challenges appropriately.

Stipend GFs are paid a monthly stipend of approximately INR 9,500 per month.

Holidays and study leave each GF has the right to a six week holiday plus one week designated study time every six months in a calendar year.

Certified Position at the end of their Tenure GFs earn a certification in the field of their work and leadership.

Who can apply?

The Fellowship Program is open to anybody who has already completed 3-6 months as an intern with Educare India or its affiliate program organizations / institutions displaying leadership potential and desired work ethics. If you wish to be a fellow, please apply to Educare Internship Program.