Internship Abroad in India

Internship Abroad in India

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International Internship Abroad program in India

Overseas Internship Abroad program in India

Explore an authentic, meaningful and enriching fieldwork internship abroad program for you from our 17 sustainable development goal focus areas / 8 professional occupational work categories / 5 destination options in India. Whether you’re looking for a Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring internship, or a semester abroad, or gap year or hands on work experience to compliment your studies, our International Internship Abroad in India offers you an affordable and flexible internship program with an optional supplementary  experiential learning support from our affiliate partner “Centre for International Experiential Education and Learning”.


Our internship opportunities in Dharamshala – Kangra – Himachal Pradesh region are the most sought after and intensively supported to cover a wide range of disciplines.

Whether you’re passionate about Engineering, Business, Marketing, Food Science, Healthcare, Environment and  Biodiversity Conservation, Education and Skills development training, social equity and gender equality, micro-finance and micro-entrepreneurship, you’ll find affordable internship options to boost your interest, experience and knowledge.

In Leh – Ladakh, internships include  Soil and Water Conservation, Education and skills development,  renewable and sustainable energy, precision farming and soil conservation,

Based just outside of Leh, on Manali road, at Kharoo , we have accommodations in in dependent settings, family homestays  at   provide excellent opportunity for community and cultural integration.

Come with energy to learn and make new friendships that’ll last a lifetime.