EnRICH Access – Rural Public Health Awareness and Assistance Centre

EnRICH Access – Rural Public Health Awareness and Assistance Centre

 public, health, ngo, rural, india, internship, healthcareRural Public Health Awareness and Assistance Centre
is an initiative to undertake public healthcare through community based activities, research, awareness, assistance and other related activities in our village based facilities.

Our small scale grassroots level health projects work to improve health outcomes in a wide range of areas through community education and applied research. We are committed to preventive healthcare, ending preventable child and maternal deaths, promote intake of nutritious food, and protecting communities from infectious diseases. The social determinants like knowledge, attitudes, social and cultural norms, and behaviors too play an important role in health at the individual, family, and community levels. These social and behavior change interventions, complement and enhance the role played by accessible public health services, such as counseling, testing, and treatment; provision of antenatal care; or provision of family planning services.

Social and behavior change interventions can positively influence in promoting the adoption of healthy behaviors and practices. Communities, families, and healthcare workers armed with the right skills and information can maximize access to preventive health actions, life-saving commodities and good-quality health services. Through social and behavior change activities, we aim to raise awareness, reduce misinformation, and address the barriers that prevent individuals, families, and communities from practicing lifesaving behaviors to improve health outcomes.

Our goals

Some of the goals of the village health awareness and assistance centre are:

  • awareness and extension of public health system and preventive medicine and first aid care in rural area
  • work to integrate innovative science-based solutions and partnerships that increase capacity to achieve three interrelated goals:
    i) protecting rural public health by preventing the outbreak of emerging diseases, and
    ii) safeguarding ecosystems by promoting conservation
    iii) harness the potential of traditional community based preventative healthcare
  • reducing spread of infections and diseases via biosphere focused activities, food and nutrition security and sustainable resources, without removing us from the comforts we have been accustomed to
  • remediation of the landscape of toxins with ecology, art, science and technology in situ. We want local and clean food and resources for all living beings of our environment.
  • promote ways to strengthen the alternative natural and Ayurveda health care resource awareness and reach
  • promotion of understand of environmental health
  • support traditional midwifery and greater healthcare needs of young women and adolescent girls
  • promote linkages between kitchen gardens, healthy diet, nutrition and wellness
  • linkage of existing public health system with the community based healthcare

This project is also titled ‘EnRICH Access’ in some locations.

EnRICH Access –
Enhance Rapid Improvement of Community Healthcare Access

Our objectives are to:

  • Increase the health habits and behavior of families
  • Strengthen their confidence in government services
  • Supplement and energize the government’s rural healthcare program for improving the delivery of primary community health services to improve health outcomes
  • Organize mobile health teams to regularly visit and provide health services to marginalized communities and mobilizing the un-served or marginalised communities to participate in responding to their identified health needs
  • Respond to basic needs of the people through education, training and services