Grameen ViKAAS Dev SEVA

Grameen ViKAAS Dev SEVA

(Rural Village Knowledge, Awareness and Action on Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action)

  1. Socio-Cultural Creativity and Women’s Empowerment Program
  2. Healthcare Outreach
  3. Economic development through, Micro-finance and Micro-Entrepreneurship
  4. Education and Skills Development program
  5. Ecology, Environment, and Conservation

These projects and the rural ViKAAS centres are being developed through a low resource investment strategy in five different geographic and demographic regions of India.

The small scale projects are being planned / undertaken in few villages each in different geographic and demographic regions of India for building integrated and cross-cultural good case practices:

  • High Altitude Region ::  villages near Leh (Ladakh – J&K)
  • Hilly Region ::  near Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Agricultural Plains :: near Amritsar (Punjab)
  • Arid Desert Region :: near Jodhpur / Bikaner (Rajasthan)
  • Coastal Region :: near Goa, and near Alleppey / Kochi (Kerala)


for more details of our NGO / ONG intiative of Grameen ViKAAS Dev SEVA, please visit the related given links above.


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