SDGs Learning and Action Centre

SDGs Learning and Action Centre

SDGs Learning and Action Centre

United Nations, its international agencies, inter-governmental organisations and policy declarations of national governments alone cannot achieve the ambitious agenda of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Engagement of local and regional governments, institutions and communities is necessary.

Most people living and working in cities and rural regions have to be educated on core competencies for action on underlying the SDGs such as water, housing, transport, infrastructure, land use or climate change. Beyond SDG 11, which focuses on cities and communities, an estimated 65% of the 169 targets of the 17 SDGs will not be reached without engagement of local and regional governments.

EduCARE India works to engage the local urban and rural communities through its SDG Learning and Action Centre. The local SDG Learning and Action Centre broadly focusses on learning and action with the following mission:

i) Learning:

Transforming education by promoting inclusion of aspects of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the curricula, classroom activities, and practical academic work in formal learning institutions and supplementary learning in informal settings.

ii) Action:

Developing and providing pathways, frameworks, and resources for shared action among local communities for all stakeholders to act in collaborative partnership to operationalize SDGs at the grassroots level in varied urban, rural and other human settlements.

EduCARE India NGO also has been focusses on civic institution and framework building in cities and villages under the two broad initiatives of :


Sustainable Urban Development and Human Advancement through Applied Research, Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action

ii) ViKAAS Dev SEVA initiative:

Village Knowledge, Awareness and Action on Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action