Emergency Preparedness & Response Unit

Emergency Preparedness & Response Unit

Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit

Emergencies and Disasters can create a variety of hazards for individuals and workers in the impacted area. Preparing before an emergency incident plays a vital role in ensuring that common citizens, families, institutions, and workers have the necessary equipment, know where to go, and know how to keep themselves safe when an emergency occurs.

EduCARE India has set up an Emergency Preparedness and Response Unit (EPRU) at its Centre for Environment, Health and Safety to promote volunteer-led health and first aid response preparedness for response in emergencies, supporting communities and saving lives.

EPRU currently operates five main sections that includes:

a) Training and Capacity Building :

i) builds capacities in emergencies and disaster preparedness and response, by delivering training courses for community volunteers, institutional workers, students and various other stakeholders that empowering trainees to ensure ‘Right to Life’ a in case of an emergency!
ii) teaches elementary principles and practice in the field of nursing and hygiene with emphasis on sick room maintenance.
iii) provides and distributes first aid awareness posters, banners, booklets, signage and ambulance material wherever it is required.
iv) develops and promotes every means of rendering aid to the sick and injured.
v) Imparts training in first-aid and home nursing
vi) instructions in ambulances transport duties and rendering first aid in cases of accident or sudden illness and in the transportation of the sick and injured,
vii) Training for Psychosocial Support with an aim to enhance necessary knowledge for trainees / delegates to operate in an emergency settings and improve the technical knowledge and quality of skills.

b) Health Hygiene and Sanitation Cell:

Organises camps and seminars for the awareness of health hygiene and ssanitation among the people with the co-operation of Health department, local governments, institutions and community volunteers.

c) Blood and Organ Donation Cell:

Spreads awareness promoting blood and organ donation in support of local Red Cross and regional medical hospital through organisation of blood donation camps/motivation camps and render other necessary assistance to this cause

d) Ambulance and Outreach Cell:

e) Research and Planning Cell: