Network Partners / Affilates

EduCARE India works closely with and wishes to expand formal and informal networking, affiliations and partnerships with interest aligned interested individuals, members of civil society, think tanks, NGOs, GO-NGOs, Government agencies / departments / offices, education and training institutions,  business and industry at local, regional and global scale. Some of our networking institutional platforms include:

Institute for Creative Cultures and Social Innovation
Community Volunteer Centre

Centre for Safety, Health and Environment
Centre for Yoga, Ayurveda and Naturopathy
Centre for Community Health and Social-care
Centre for Restorative Health and Rehabilitation
Institute for Public Health,Medical Outreach and Research

Environment and Community Oriented Development Alternatives Institute

Centre for Inter-cultural Experiential Education and Learning

Centre for Sustainable Development and Future Regenerative Systems
SDG Learning and Action Centre
GreenHEARTs Institute


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