Graduate Fellowship Programme

Graduate Fellowship Programme

EduCARE India NGO – Graduate Fellowship Programme

The NGO Fellowship Program is a minimum 1-year and maximum 3-year work placement designed to provide passionate and motivated graduates / professionals with NGO leadership opportunities in the sectors of empowerment and sustainable regenerative development work, team and program/ project management, human resources, marketing, social business management and communication.

Fellows are awarded a management / coordinator position. They are provided with additional training and will be responsible for managing their own department consisting of staff, interns and/or students.

The Fellowship Program is open to anybody who has already completed 3-6 months as an intern with EduCARE India or its affiliate program organisations / institutions displaying leadership potential and desired work ethics.

Fellowships are awarded to applicants based on a number of key performance indicators and reviews conducted throughout the course of their internship. These include a having a positive and professional attitude, a strong commitment to shared goals and mission of the organisation, work ethics, meeting required goals and objectives, and managing challenges appropriately.

Fellows make effort to learn the art and science of leadership, team-building and impact making through practicing fifteen key competencies, namely: Inter-cultural Global Perspectives, Self Awareness, Systems and Design Thinking, Environmental Consciousness, Intrapreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship, Collaborative Work, Interpersonal skills and developing facilitation, Coaching and Mentoring , Emotional Skills / Intelligence (EI), Prudence, Courage, Conflict Management, Decision Making, Leadership  and Influence Skills, and Area Expertise/Competence, while working to further develop organisation systems and fieldwork projects in the local community areas.

As a Fellow, beyond one’s work project, one has to also take up additional responsibilities of a coordinator that includes target recruitment to maintain hr and financial sustainability.


  • Additional tasks and responsibilities with leadership experience
  • Accommodation and work-related expenses paid by the organisation / its outsource services
  • A monthly stipend of approximately $150 USD per month for meals and personal care items
  • Reimbursement of one-way flight ticket to home country on completion of your fellowship tenure.
  • One year medical insurance and visa extension fee (reimbursed at the completion of the Fellowship period)
  • Work-based experiential learning in form of  certificate program (work related field)
  • 1 or 2-year diploma  (for 2-year Fellows) from a university / professional learning institution in India
  • 6 weeks holiday plus designated 1-week study time every 6-months in a calendar year

* Note that the fellowship award/stipends are linked to individual performance indicators. Every fellow has to undertake first 3-months of the Fellowship time as probationary time.

Boarding and Lodging

Residential / Hostel facilities for Staff, Scholars, Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers – EduCARE India



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