Online Virtual Internship from Distance – OVID e20 !

Online Virtual Internship from Distance – OVID e20 !

Online Virtual Internship from Distance – OVID e20 is a combination of a virtual internship experience, with support from a Mentor / Resource Person, professional development programme, and peer connections.


Program features include:

Pre-program orientation call that includes a program overview, professional skills workshops, and discussion with mentor / resource person and other select peers.

You will learn what it is like working on one or more themes of sustainable development goals (SDGs) / global goals with a grassroots level perspective with an NGO.


Locations, Start Dates and Duration:

Online – Virtual internship from Distance with EduCARE in 2020 (OVID e20) is a work learn experience program where the participant (intern) gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at our physical work locations in India.

Our interns come from diverse professional, educational and geographical backgrounds, and are seen as integral contributors to the movement for implementing sustainable development goals at grassroots level.

Our virtual internship programs start every week on Monday, and will run all year-round, on a rolling admission schedule. The OVID e20 programme is duration is 1 to 3 months, with some subject topic internships extendable to 6-months time.


Eligibility /Who are we looking for?

We welcome all Bachelors & Masters students who want to work support and learn about various aspects of sustainable development (global) goals and grassroots level sustainable development through social entrepreneurship and volunteer action in the NGO sector.

Both Indian as well as international / overseas university students and young professionals are welcome to apply for the available positions.

It is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your interest in our work and it is a valuable opportunity to use this experience in your CV.


What’s included?

1. Online Learning Content:

The interns will sign up on our online learning programme.

2. Work Assignments:

They will be given work assignments along with reference to some learning articles and videos.

3. Online Work Planning, Skills Training and Mentor-ship:

Because the interns will be based at their own locations, it is possible for them to interact with their Resource Person / Mentor online directly via Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp.

4. Reporting and Documentation
5. Certification

What’s the focus work areas?

The virtual internship fields include:

  1. – Programming and Web Development
  2. – Online Research and data Analytics
  3. – Online Social Business Promotions
  4. – Curriculum and Content Development
  5. – Psycho-social Support Unit
  6. – Content Writing, Social Media and Blogging
  7. – Fundraising
  8. – Marginalised Community Empowerment
  9. – Women Empowerment – Self Help Groups / Women Associations
  10. – Public Healthcare and Medical Outreach
  11. – Emergency and Earthquake Preparedness and Response
  12. – Micro-finance and micro-entrepreneurship
  13. – Alternative, Supplementary and Informal Education
  14. – Environment Conservation and Ecology
  15. – Alternative Energy
  16. – Water and Sanitation
  17. – Waste Management
  18. – Herbal Nursery and Natural Organic Micro-farming
  19. – Forestry and Wildlife Conservation
  20. – Volunteering Promotion


Partner Support

Our work is in active support of and ably supported by our network partner NGOs, Govt organisations, universities and businesses.


Application / Enrollment Process & Fee

1. Apply

  • Submit application form – Online Virtual Internship from Distance
  • Schedule an interview by phone, WhatsApp or skype with our Coord.
  • Evaluation of your interview and resume/CV by our admissions team.

2. Confirm

  • If you are accepted into the program, congratulations!
  • Confirm your place in the program by making a nominal admin fee deposit of Rs 1950/- (1-month), Rs 3400/-(2-months), Rs 4850/-(3-months).

3. Enroll

Confirmed interns will enroll in our online learning portal


4. Project Work:

Take work assignment(s) along with documentation and reporting.


5. Receive a certificate !

Submit end of the internship report as per the provided template and receive a Certificate of Completion of our OVID e20 internship programme.



Complete your Interview and Confirm your internship.
Choose and plan a work area of interest.
Each task comes with instructions from a resource person.
Each task replicates the type of work (under)graduates do.
Complete task & upload work to platform.
Submit Progress and Completion Reports
Receive Internship Certificate of Completion