Volunteer Internship Program – Incentives & Charges

Volunteer Internship Program – Incentives & Charges

The EduCARE India Volunteer Internship program provides following notable incentives to its volunteer interns, but at the same time seeks international volunteers to pay for some part of the external expenses spent on their documentation, civil liability cover and legal support.

Incentives / Benefits :

* i) Basic furnished shared accommodation;
ii) Working place with internet;
iii) Pre and Post-arrival Induction training;
iv) Work-site Coordinator Support;
v) Need based Mentor-ship and Supervisory support;
vi) Online Learning Course, and learning visit to experts in regional organisations/institutions;
vii) Reimbursement related to any approved expenses on local transport, projects or infrastructure
viii) Academic and Employment references;
ix) a free sim card
x) Stipend Paid Fellowship opportunity after 6-months internship to deserving candidates

Outsource Services Fee and Caution Money:

Indian nationals: This is unpaid program and is free for Indian university students who are sponsored by an Indian university for an academic internship. However, a very short term tenure interns may have to pay a conditional refundable caution money and/or accommodation charges.

International participants: The internship program is incentivised for international students / graduates from the foreign universities across the world too, but the international applicants have to pay a one time outsource support partner services provider fee at the time of signing the internship agreement. This one off standard outsource support partner services provider(s) charges are 670 USD* for related –
a) admin expense,
**  b) visa sponsorship & documentation,
c) civil liability undertakings cover and legal support fee.

*** Please note there is no visa sponsorship & documentation fee for foreigners with Indian origin cards ( PIO/OCI card). Thus, the PIO / OCI card holders do not pay part fee of $160 USD. They have to pay only $520 USD, instead of $670 USD, irrespective how long they wish to stay.

Research resources support / lab access fee :

In case of a 6-months academic research related to any project for academic requirements, individuals have to pay an additional fee that may approximate from $300 USD on-wards.


Financial calculations and legal statute

The paid outsource expenses are neither a donation nor a service charge to the organisation. 

As we host a large number of volunteer interns, we cannot afford the related risks of international volunteer-interns hosting without an outsource consulting and legal services support. The expense heads are an average contractual cost calculated with the outsourced services. As a sustainable NGO, with no external funding or aid, whilst we cover the costs of accommodation, workplace transportation, and communications from members and associates– we ask all international volunteer-interns to cover the other mentioned costs themselves as mentioned above.  This cost is similar to paying for one off health insurance cover and other outsource services costs elsewhere – it brings some security and sustainability support to both your sponsors and the organisation in a case of unforeseen problems and misconduct on your part for which we take a contractual liability.

Refund policy

Our mentioned processes are outsourced to external associates and retainers.  Thus, EduCARE India does not offer any refunds once your placement is confirmed as we are unable to absorb these external costs within the organisation.   In some exceptional circumstances for compassionate reasons, we may be able to offer a percentage refund, however, this is at the sole discretion of the accounts department and will be processed in the next financial quarter after the refund request is made.  Please note that no refund request will be entertained in case of visa rejection by the Indian consulate. Under no circumstances will the program fee be refunded to the intern after the internship start date.