Young Women’s Association

Young Women’s Association

The Young Women’s Association aims to support the development of young women’s skills and enable them to pursue leadership roles on issues that affect their daily lives. The activities educate women on their rights and foster the development of their strengths and confidence.   We coordinate weekly or fortnightly meetings that address the 5 areas of empowerment; health, economic, social and political, environmental and education.

The Young Women’s Association often also incorporates a Self-Help Group that is helping many of the women to start their own small income generating business. This enables the women to generate revenue sources autonomous from their husband’s salary and, as a result, leads to her empowerment.

Young women in rural communities often face issues such as limited access to education and career services, community participation and leadership opportunities, access to disposal income resources, and lack of formal job opportunities, harassment in public transport, health issues, violence, etc. We believe that young women have the potential to be the change-makers in their communities. As and when given they are provided with a leadership platform with access to tools and resources, young women change their communities and the world!

The Young Women’s Association also contribute to developing women in leadership for sustainable rural development. The project aims to improve the skills of young women, empower them to make their communities more livable and sustainable, as well as equip communities to increase opportunities for rural young women’s advancement.

Our goals

  • To exchange knowledge and effective strategies among rural diverse communities on how to keep young women involved and support their leadership development
  • To develop and distribute tools that will help various rural decision makers, stakeholders and institutions increase young women’s contribution to community development
  • To support young women’s local action projects that address the most important issues in rural communities including sustainable development
  • To increase collaboration and partnerships among regional and national organizations geared to rural young women

We welcome valuable ideas and motivated individuals to get involved in our Young Women’s Association initiative.