Our Youth Ambassadors Speak …

Our Youth Ambassadors Speak …

Regional Youth Ambassadors are are esteemed team-members who have participated in our international NGO Volunteer – internship program in India. They have volunteered to share their experiences of EduCARE India and the impact that it has had on their lives and the change they contributed to.
EduCARE India NGO volunteer internship testimonials by Regional Youth Ambassadors of:

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Alicia-ngo, rural, EduCARE, india, internship, fellowship, youth, ambassadorsAlicia Paez

I was born and raised in Santander, Spain. I have studied Bachelors of Social Work at University of Salamanca. During my studies I wanted to have the experience of going abroad and learn about other cultures and about how Social Work operates in other countries so I spent one year in Maastricht, The Netherlands, in the department of Applied Sciences of ZUYD University. Here I did my first internship by working in XONAR, a social organisation which works with children who are not in school.

I am currently completing my education and did my internship in India for six months with EduCARE India in 2014-15. I went to India to learn and develop myself. Not only it was a great professional opportunity but also a personal experience that enriched me as a person. I worked in an After School Program, Girls club and Young Women’s Empowerment while serving as the cluster coordinator of Gajner team in Rajasthan and member of the COM team in EduCARE India.

ngo, rural, EduCARE, india, internship, fellowship, youth, ambassadors, HanhHanh Lam

I first got involved with EduCARE India in early 2014 as an intern working on Women’s Empowerment. I came back to EduCARE in 2015 as a fellow and currently I am the Cluster Coordinator of Harike and Operations Assistant.

I am honored to become EduCARE Regional Youth Ambassador for South East Asia. The majority of EduCARE team is from Western countries and I would love to see more Asians in the organization. I firmly believe Asian cultures and values can contribute greatly to the diversity of the team as well as bring about unique perspectives on development work on ground. If you are from South East Asia, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding internship applications, EduCARE work, living in India, etc.  GO ASIA!!

DSCF2015Thomas Croize

I am currently a student at AgroParisTech in Paris, specialising in environmental and agriculture engineering. I did a 6 months internship program with EduCARE India as a project manager. I studied the development of the biogas technology in the state of Punjab (Biogas Project), built dry toilets in the migrants’ camp (SWASH Project) and attended conferences about Indian Agriculture. The project manager position is really interesting in term of self-management and improvement of your technical skills and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to apply for this position! EduCARE is an Eco-friendly association and is involved in many projects which the aim is to protect the environment and the people.

ngo, rural, EduCARE, india, internship, fellowship, youth, ambassadors, EthanEthan Donovan

I decided to take a gap year after high school and get some work/life experience and what better place to go than India! I got involved in February 2015 for a 5 month internship in sustainable living and SWASH in Rait centre, Himachal Pradesh. My experience with EduCARE was invaluable for me to develop my skills for my future career and to get really life experience. I will be returning to EduCARE at the end of September to continue with a further 3 month internship before going back to Australia to start my university studies in early 2016.  I am honoured and grateful to be one of EduCARE’s Regional Youth Ambassadors for Australia.

Alanah Grant

My journey with EduCARE India began in January 2015. It was then that I started working on the women’s empowerment projects in Rait, a small village located within the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. I am committed to an eight month internship with the organisation and have served as project manager, centre manager, and project coordinator.

This internship has been instrumental in honing my leadership skills, learning about development, and learning more about myself. As project manager, I have started a Young Women’s Association and a Girls’ Club in Rait. My other responsibilities involve offering support to the project managers within my centre and project, facilitating activities that foster a positive team environment, and creating systems that aid each project manager in meeting their goals and objectives.

ngo, rural, EduCARE, india, internship, fellowship, youth, ambassadors, AmanpreetAmanpreet Sidhu 

I was a summer intern for EduCARE India in 2014 for about 3 months. My experiences as an assistant project manager and coordinating various workshops have lead me to other great opportunities. EduCARE provides a unique platform for young people to experiment their ideas, as well as challenge and innovate their minds. Enjoy your time in India and with EduCARE ! It’s a valuable and life changing experience !

Coralie BRUMMCoralie Brumm 

I spent four month in Human Resources team in charge of recruitment. My main tasks were posting job offers, selecting and interviewing applicants, documentations, relationship with French universities. I had a lot of freedom in my work: thanks to that I gained a great experience in the organisation Sometimes you may make mistakes, it happens, don’t worry, you are here to learn, learn new things and develop your knowledge. The experience in EduCARE and in India are nothing without a personal experience. Travelling and daily life have an important part : culture, roads, landscapes, food and accommodation. The organization gave me tools and methods to accomplish my work and also opportunities to know an incredible country.

J’ai passé quatre mois dans le département des Ressources Humaine, en charge du recrutement. Mes tâches principales ont été de poster des offres de stages, sélectionner et interviewer les candidats, créer des documents et créer des partenariats avec les universités françaises. J’ai eu beaucoup de liberté dans mon travail : grâce à ça, j’ai gagné en organisation et su gérer les priorités. Mais parfois, on peut faire des erreurs, cela arrive. Ne vous inquiétez pas, vous êtes ici pour apprendre, apprendre de nouvelles choses ou approfondir des connaissances. L’expérience EduCARE et de l’Inde n’est rien sans l’expérience personnelle. Voyager et la vie quotidienne ont une part importante : la culture, les routes, les paysages, la nourriture ou le logement. L’organisation m’a donné les outils et les méthodes pour accomplir mon travail et aussi des opportunités de connaître un incroyable pays.

oliviaOlivia Sjögren

I come from south of Sweden and have studied International Social Science with focused concentration on Peace and Development. My internship with EduCARE India provided me with the perfect learning experience of working with a grass root NGO to complement my theoretical studies. I was assigned Social Project Manager and worked with different Micro Finance and Women Empowerment projects which have developed me both on a personal and professional stage. I appreciate EduCARE’s close cooperation with the local community and its vision to strengthen the leadership role of women and young people in the community. The breath taking nature, fascinating culture and kindest people made it an amazing experience for me to live and intern in the northern part of India.

_DSC0367Lea Monin

I have a bachelor degree in Biology of Population and I am studying Environmental Engineering in Paris. During my studies I had opportunities to work as an intern in different places such as an engineering consulting firm in France or research centre in Australia. However interning with EduCARE was the first time I engaged myself in a project in a developing country.

In EduCARE, I ran a solid waste management project in a little village of Rajasthan, which involved environmental issues but also social and economic challenges. Since there are many interns working in different areas, I also got involved in several other projects about Women Empowerment and After School Programs. I spent a lot of time engaging the community and learning from local people to identify needs and problems.

Whilst working with EduCARE, I felt useful and I learned a lot about working as a team, about project management and human relationships. It was an amazing experience.


Martina Fraternali

Hello! My name is Martina and I come from Italy. I am a passionate traveler and I try to unite it with something more meaningful and productive, like working for NGOs. I wish to build my career in the non-profit sector as I studied for it and I have a strong drive towards helping people and be a catalyst for a positive change. This is exactly the mentality that brought me out of my country 4 years ago and I am certain was the right choice! In India I was an intern for EduCARE India and I worked closely with all the centers and the COM Team to ensure the efficient running of the organization and its processes.

11102623_836609649769245_4477354824260492091_nJaspreet Gujral

I started my internship in late May 2015 and I am still connected with the NGO. My work was related to Organic farming and Sanitation, and I also did work with many other projects in EduCare India. Truly speaking I don’t have enough words to explain my experience, but I will say it was amazing and unforgettable. I worked with many international interns and believe me Indians they are amazing, helpful and caring. You will explore you hidden potentials here in EduCARE India. It will prepare you for the toughest, while experiencing a sustainable way. Working with EduCARE will enhance your thinking skills and will make your future goals more sharp and clear. I am currently doing my masters in Biotechnology, and one of my Indian friend’s recommend me to join this NGO.  Likewise I recommend an internship with EduCARE to “ explore yourself, serve people, share experience, gain memories, make a change,” in the world of Sustainability. I am honored to become EduCARE Regional Youth Ambassador for India.


Yael Armon

I grew up in Israel and was studying for my Masters in Environmental Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics in France. As a Masters student, between my 1st and the 2nd year, I was an intern for EduCARE during the spring of 2014 for 3 months. I was working with the women of the Naddi village, at the northern part of India, in the micro-finance sector. Operating through a range of projects, all relating through a holistic and integrative approach, I was focusing on the Empowerment / Education aspect of the organization, while working on different Microfinancing projects with few of the women in the community. EduCARE provided me with a unique platform to experiment my ideas, as well as challenge and innovate my mind.

For years I had the urge and will to go and experience working in an NGO in a developing country. Getting involved with EduCARE as an intern provided me with this opportunity and allowed me to share my skills and ideas with others, to ask questions as well as to learn from others and get some answers. Working closely with the local community as well as with other inters from around the world, sharing local culture, living with and from nature and while acquiring new skills and ideas – made it all a worthwhile experience.

MarinePictureMarine Vallee

I’m currently studying forestry in the French engineering school AgroParisTech. As I wanted to gain some experience about reforestation and community forestry, I decided to join EduCARE from January to May 2015.

As a project coordinator for the community reforestation program in Naddi, I had a lot of freedom to conduct my project, and there was plenty to do! My main tasks were to involve people from the community, connect with the government forest department, obtain the proper tree species and the research the best way to plant them…. It was not always easy to have so much freedom but I learned a great deal from this experience !!

As the forestry coordinator, I was the main reference point for forestry projects within the organization. I tried to develop new forestry projects in the different clusters, and as many interns were not very familiar with forestry, I tried to share my passion for forests during the Organisational Meetings or the Induction Process !

The whole experience was really enriching, and working with other interns from other countries and backgrounds is so delightful !


Bruno Lauteslager
The Netherlands

I recently completed an internship for my university studies ‘Regional Development and Innovation’ with a focus on climate change, and hope to finish in the summer of 2016.  Whilst working with EduCARE, I worked on SWASH (Waste Management) from February 2015 for 5 months. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at EduCARE India and am very pleased to continue as a Regional Ambassador.   EduCARE is an organisation unlike others, which evolves and develops through applied research (doing!) and which values an individual’s development (you!) the most. The atmosphere created was one in which I could perfectly develop myself, and at the same time I was developing my project. 

UntitledManon Egnell

Currently in master’s degree at the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environment (AgroParisTech), I am specialized in nutrition and human health. For my gap year I decided to go abroad to make a five months internship in India starting in March 2015. With a friend we developed a water sanitation project in the Punjab cluster dealing with environmental and health issues. The goal was to assess the water consumptions habits and related health problems of the rural communities we are working with. This work allowed us to develop educational tools in order to make the population more sensitive to sanitation challenges related to water.

Tulsi Sheth

Like many others who join EduCARE, I was exposed to an environment completely opposite to the one I live in. Put simply- it was the best thing to ever happen to me.

Before coming to EduCARE, I worked in the Banking Industry in Bay Area, CA. However, I wanted to apply the skills I learned to a developing cause. And that’s where serving as EduCARE’s Microfinance Project Manager/Coordinator came into place.

I was involved in several projects primarily focused on mentoring female entrepreneurs on how to run small businesses/microenterprises and earn additional income. This was a multi-functional role, which required me to think in several dimensions. Every day I was faced with new challenges, and every day I was learning more about what it was like to live in a rural environment. It wasn’t easy, but it was immeasurably rewarding.

I highly recommend EduCARE to anyone who is looking for exposure to international development.