Communications manager

Communications manager

Reports to: Project Director

Minimum stay preferred: 4+ months

The Communication manager, together with VIKAS Center managers, Operation Manager and the Chief Director, is responsible to identify channels for internal communication such as information and knowledge management, documentation and reporting, intranet / online email communication procedures; and external communications such as organization image building, project promotions, and to build efficient community contacts and public relations in tandem with Marketing and PR manager.

The Communications Manager is responsible for the effective delivery of information and corporate communications to all VIKAS Centre Org interns and local volunteers. The role is wide ranging, encompassing the timely co-ordination of intern communication through a range of channels to ensure ease of access, clarity and consistency.

VIKAS is still developing as an organization and internal communication plays a vital role in managing this development. Its primary purpose is to make sure all interns and local volunteers understand the progress and development within the organization as a whole, each centre and within each project. The main aim of this job role is to establish, maintain and continually improve a proactive and effective internal communication process within VIKAS Centre Org.  This requires the manager to be motivated and passionate about communications and have the ability to start up new internal and external communication channels.

There is the potential to combine this role with VIKAS Centre Org’s ongoing social projects.