Socio-Cultural Creativity & Inclusion

Socio-Cultural Creativity & Inclusion


Socio-Cultural Creativity and  Inclusion (SCI) initiative aims to  create and support creative cultural cooperatives for promoting socio-economic and cultural inclusion amongst the communities we work with/in.

A creative society needs a culture-based creative production system, a well-balanced system of cultural innovations and consumption that takes advantage of accumulated and diverse cultural capital. A lively inclusive grassroots level sustainable and regenerative development movement emerges around a creative society.

With the aim of further developing the local capacity to design and implement culture-powered strategies to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 11, this initiative will also work to bring together elected representatives, government officials, technicians, planners, development and social workers, anthropologists, as well as professionals and partners from other cultural and creative sectors to nurture a collective reflection on how local practices can be better promoted and integrated in the global sustainable development agenda. By peer learning and experience sharing we will contribute to address essential local/regional development topics such as economic growth, participatory urban governance, social inclusion and cohesion, women empowerment, marginalised community empowerment, sustaibale usage of resources, sustainable consumption and production, rural-urban design and territorial planning.

Under this initiative, we also work in five different major geographical socio-culturally diverse regions of India with focus on:
a) high mountaineous region and local Budhism culture in Leh-Ladakh;
b) hilly region and Hindu culture in Dharamshala;
c) plains and punjabi / Sikh religion in Punjab;
d) desert/arid region and Marusthal / Islamic culture in Rajasthan; and,
e) coastal region and christian culture in western coast of India from Gujarat, through Mumbai, Goa / Gokarna to Kerala.

Additionally, we have worked to develop network designs to engage young women and youth in general in leadership for empowerment and development. 

Some of the programs / projects include the following:

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