Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteer Abroad Programs

Our international volunteer abroad program was set up in 2016 with the objective to invite volunteers to stay and work in India in our programs and projects in various parts of the country in support of our local teams and interns.

Initially, it was open to professionals only for not leass than 8 weeks time, but we opened up to hosting short-term volunteers starting 2-weeks through a third party recruitment.

As of 2019, we have started accepting 1-week travel – volunteers mainly to supplement our efforts in sustainable urban development, humanitarian assistance and resilience building among various vulnerable community groups.

The value and USP of our volunteer abroad program is:

  1. Customized volunteer abroad program opportunities range from 1-week to 6-months for every individual matching their skills and passion with the needs of our programs / projects.
  2. Diverse opportunities across multiple causes like child care and education, women education and empowerment, support for the needy and differently-abled, healthcare outreach and public health, sanitation and waste management, NGO support, administration and logistics, knowledge management and policy formulation, Sanitation and waste management, Nature Conservation and outdoor activities, construction and nature conservation, etc.
  3. Opportunities to choose several locations in India, from high mountain ranges of the Himalayas with Tibetan Buddhism culture to the sandy beaches of the south – Leh, Dharamshala, Amritsar, Jodhpur, Goa, Kerala.
  4. Our volunteer abroad program coordinator and her assistant managers assist volunteers in their selection process, pre-arrival program and projects orientation, airport arrivals and check-in, induction training and guidance on cultural nuances mentored by our seasoned volunteer managers, regular progress check-ins, lodging and boarding support, and value addition experience for volunteers and value creation for our NGO.
  5. Work along with local people, volunteers and university students undertaking academic fieldwork / trainee-ship / internship with us.

Our past volunteers

Our volunteers have come from a range of countries, backgrounds and experience. From young people to experienced professionals from all over the world, most of our volunteers have stepped forward to understand and appreciate our work philosophy and taken action. Some have gone home and continued to support us with ideas and knowledge from distance. There are others who have returned to work with us for longer time. We thank them for their on-going support and commitment.

“I loved my volunteer abroad program placement at Dharamsala. This was my 3rd trip to India, and by far my best experience. I loved with whom and where I volunteered. What I did and what I was doing mattered not only locally but also globally as the NGO has a great deal of commitment to global goals (SDGs). My work was at the Rehablitation facility of the drug addiction centre and at the physio-therapy centre for the people with dis-abilities. I did not want to leave, but I did with a self-promise to return again”. – Lars, UK, 2017

“Me and my family had a wonderful experience during our travel volunteering organised by EduCARE India – 1-month at Leh, 1-week at Dharamshala, 1-week Rajasthan, and 1-week in Gokarna beach in the south. We felt supported and valued. It was a rewarding and pleasurable experience. I am a doctor and my husband is an economist. It was very comforting to work with such organisation whose projects we were able to support and that was able to handle our expectations well.
– Aisha and Hoerler family,, Switzerland (2017-18)

The volunteer project with the kids in marginalised community and the rural village was a great experience. Though it was a small community but there were so many kids. I was initially overwhelmed, but the members of the local team helped me to slowly engage and know many kids. I loved talking to people and learning about India. Language was sometimes a constraint with younger children but play-way activities and local team helped to overcome this barrier. Sheri, USA (Volunteer, 2018)

Partnership possibilities with Volunteer Abroad Programs

We are currently looking out for partnership with quality volunteer abroad program organisations for volunteers in support of our work facilities and projects at Leh, Jodhpur, Goa and Kerala.

To begin your volunteering journey and explore India just contact us with your location preference and projects of interest, and intended dates / duration for volunteering and we will revert back with a suitable project details.

Every volunteer effort matters – You can offer helping hands, and/or a kind heart, and/or a thinking head !