Computer and IT classes

Computer and IT classes

Computer and IT classes project is aimed to provide access to rural disadvantaged students in securing computer education and IT skills due to lack of exposure to technology. Though some government schools have computers, they are not enough for all or do not work most of the times due to technical and power issues, lack of internet connectivity or yechnical qualified teachers. Moreover, there are number of girls and women who have dropped out of schopol or college and are unemployed. They show a big zeal to learn computer skills.

Under the programme, our aim is to organise few computers as a mobile facility with wireless data connection and teach basics of computers and internet to children, schoo students, girls and women twice / once a week classes and continuously assess their learning progress.

In small groups of three of four learners, the beneficiaries learn the basics on computers, internet, MS Office, opening a mail ID, use of search engines to secure the required information and social media, learning etc.

Our computer and IT classes also provide other basic training in file managing, spreadsheets, creating documents, and paint programs. The women will use these skills to run small business in their areas or for further education.

Most of the learners who are given basic training in computers belong to families of local small scale farming families, daily wage labourers and the remaining from families eking out a living by doing petty businesses. Nearly two-thirds of learner are girls.

We envisage cqapacity building of our project with likely partnershi[ of other organisations to develop a computer lab or a mobile learning van with larger number of laptops in the coming years. Then, in batches the student trainees can be presented certificates with association of the partner organisation.