Internship Program for Indian Students / Nationals

Internship Program for Indian Students / Nationals

We are a self-sustainable non-profit NGO (not receiving any external funding / aid). This volunteer-internship program has been developed to provide a safe, qualitative and affordable volunteer-internship opportunity to university students / young professionals who wish to gain experience and explore their own leadership potential in grass-root level community empowerment and sustainable development work, while contributing to the organisation work-mission.

Incentives like economically affordable and safe accommodation, project planning, knowledge and material resources, academic/technical mentor-ship support, internet connected workplace are available to volunteer-interns who are from the Indian universities / higher education institutions whom we have a formal partnership MoU, or/and are referred by their faculties. Accommodations are managed by the organisation. Food is available in the intern houses / home-stays and can also be prepared by volunteer-interns themselves in the provided functional kitchen of the volunteer-intern house.

Various work areas of internship may include (but not limited to):

One can apply for the internship by filling this online Internship Application Form (click here to open the form).


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