Drug Misuse, Abuse and Addiction

Drug Misuse, Abuse and Addiction

The abuse of alcohol and illicit and prescription drugs continues to be a major health problem in various regions of India as it is in different parts of the world..

Many studies have found a high correlation between adolescent abuse and becoming a problem drug user in adulthood; therefore, it can be inferred that many problem drug users start abusing drugs at an early age. Additionally, accidental and intentional fatalities that are associated with drug and alcohol use represent one of the leading preventable causes of death for the 15 to 24-year-old population. Alcohol and other drug use in the adolescent population carries a high risk for school underachievement, delinquency, teenage risk taking behaviours, and depression2.

Preventative science postulates that negative health outcomes, including those resulting from substance abuse, can be prevented by reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors. We emphasize the strategy of targeting modifiable risk factors and enhancing protective factors through family, school and community based prevention programmes.


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