How to apply?

How to apply?

How to apply for volunteer work – internship

You have the power to make a difference in this world through volunteering and internship for community and sustainable development in India leading to your experiential learning and self-development. Your involvement with our projects enables rural women and marginalised people to create lasting change for themselves, their families, and their communities — and ultimately for the world we all share.

As part of your volunteer work – internship, free / incentivised on-site accommodation and food, workplace internet is provided. Additionally, work-related transportation and workplace phone expenses are provided for by the organisation.

To apply:

Please fill in the online information form. Or contact the Coordinator’s directly:

We will then send you any required information details along with the online interview form and suitable interview date/timings for an interview via Skype / WhatsApp / Google Duo, if required for expectation settings.

If all goes well, we will then send you the provisional acceptance letter

You will then send us the signed internship contract and transfer the internship admin / outsourced services fee (this fee goes towards your outsourced admin, legal liability support, visa sponsorship documentation / facilitation clearance, eLearning course, certification and validation services. This charge remains the same for an individual irrespective of the internship time frame up to 6-months time, as it is one time external expense).

We will then send you:

  • Confirmation letter and internship / volunteer-employment contract
  • Visa Sponsorship letter
  • Pre-arrival Documents
  • Online training enrollment

You will then apply and pay for your visa at the Indian Embassy in your home country (we will send further instruction on how to do this once you are confirmed).

Once you receive your visa back from the embassy, you’re ready to book your flights and we will look forward to your arrival in India !