Residential / Hostel facilities for Staff, Scholars, Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers

Naddi EduiCARE India guest house rooftop of the twin-shared single rooms with attached bath

We have had integrated residential and workplace facilities at various places of our work in select regions of India. The various kind of sites and facilities included – an independent residential building, farm house, home stays, guest houses, partner institutional buildings etc.

After the covid-19 scenario, we have limited our permanent integrated facilities of work and stay to only few sites at Kangra – Dharamshala region. The other regions will be operating from local community places with limited local human resources through till the covid-19 pandemic situation improves in 2021.

Salient features of the current integrated facilities (Residential / Hostel facilities for Staff, Scholars, Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers) at Kangra includes:

  • Affordable and comfortable at secure places
  • Attached bath-wash with warm water supply / availability
  • Women friendly and safe and secure facilities
  • Meals available at each of the facilities
  • Walking distance to wifi connected office/workplace

Currently, we have accommodations at – Kangra, Dharamshala, and Naddi-Mcleodganj, next to our offices / project works.


Dorms and Halls - One of the Residential / Hostel facilities for Staff, Scholars, Fellows, Interns, and Volunteers of EduCARE India at a safe and quite place at Kangra on Mission road

Maple Leaf Hostel Dorms with 4 to 8 members in a bigger room / hall with washrooms within the set of dorms

View point from the Maple Leaf Hostel Halls of the centre and eastern branch of Dhauladhar mountain range
The north and western side view from the dorms and multi-storey halls
Single rooms for shared (same gender) accommodation


Dharamshala volunteer-intern house


IVHQ Volunteers at our Naddi office with some material supplies
A group discussion in front of the office – short term IVHQ volunteer travellers – Naddi
Staff, team members, volunteer, interns on a Halloween day party at the hostel-cum-office


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