ViKAS Centre Manager/Cluster Coordinator

ViKAS Centre Manager/Cluster Coordinator

Reports to: Project Director and Executive Committee

Responsible for: Project Managers and Assistants

Minimum stay preferred: 4+ months

A Cluster Coordinator will be based in one of our cluster centers in the states of Himachal, Punjab, or Rajasthan. The Cluster Coordinator/Centre Manager’s prime job role responsibility is to serve as a bridge between the organization and the members working on ground and the local community and partnering local groups and coordinate all activities and projects within the centre. The Coordinator ensures the center’s activity coordination, financial sustainability and provides support to the project managers working in different social projects in the community.  These include environmental conservation, organic farming, women’s empowerment, community education and marginalized community empowerment, sanitation, and healthcare etc.

The Coordinator is responsible for support and coordination of a team of 12 to 18 volunteer-inters, including Project Managers and Project Officers and local volunteers. The Coordinator will prepare the team meetings, planning and follow-up the projects advancement in the cluster. The Cluster Coordinator reports to the Project Director on a weekly / monthly basis. The cluster coordinator works closely with the Infrastructure manager / local Liaison Officer to ensure all center needs are met – logistically, financially and infrastructural. The Cluster Coordinator should be prepared to travel when necessary for coordination meetings and should have a flexible approach in regards to working hours. There is the potential to combine this role with VIKAS Centre Org’s ongoing social projects.