CSR Partnership

CSR Partnership

Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR Partnership

The global community – including leaders of international governmental institutions, national government and of the non-profit sector as well as many a business associations – has recognized the importance of including business in the process of international and local development. The government has brought legislation and frameworks for the promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR partnership in India.

Engaging business with the public and non-profit sectors to find common solutions to problems has been an increasing trend globally. There are benefits of partnerships to both corporations and NGOs, the practical difficulties they present, and the elements necessary to establishing a healthy collaboration between both actors.

The potential of such partnerships seek to address both the economic and social/environmental aspects of sustainable development, so they present benefits and challenges simultaneously. We are open to a selective partnership with corporates / businesses for mutually suitable Corporate Social Responsibility / CSR partnership that may promote integrated rural and urban sustainable development.

The NGO – CSR partnership may include any of the following options without risking loss of our sustainability with any kind of existential dependency created by corporate-NGO CSR partnership:

  1. help build strategy and work collectively towards building sustainable communities,
  2. project partnership,
  3. sponsorship of scholarships / fellowships to university students participating in experiential learning programs and internships partnership,
  4. relationships for services such as training workshops, learning materials, content, processes, testing and certifications.
  5. Events Partnership: We hold several events in all the areas where we work. These events would give sponsors exposure to new market opportunities, build brand awareness and provide access to emerging leaders from around the world. We work with a range of sponsors on all our events on everything from provision of venue and advertising to full sponsorship of events.

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