“Nagar SUDHAAR SEVA” also means “City Improvement Service” in local languages. However, its an acronym that is expanded as

Sustainable Urban Development, Humanitarian Assistance And Resilience through Social Entrepreneurship and Volunteer Action

The current projects under various stages of conceptual planning or start up operations are:

  1. Sanitation and Waste Management
  2. Healthcare Outreach
  3. Renewable Energy
  4. Eco-building
  5. Education and Life Skills for Marginalised Community Empowerment

The small scale projects are being planned / undertaken in different geographic and demographic regions of India for building integrated and cross-cultural good case practices:

  • High Altitude Region ::–  Leh – Choglamsar (Ladakh – J&K)
  • Hilly Region ::–  Dharamsala (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Agricultural Plains ::– Amritsar (Punjab)
  • Arid Desert Region ::– Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
  • Coastal Region ::– Goa / Kochi (Kerala)

for more details of our NGO / ONG intiative of Nagar SUDHAAR SEVA, please visit the related given links above.


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