Centre for Sustainable Development Solutions

Centre for Sustainable Development Solutions (CSDS) focuses on the most pressing sustainable development challenges of the region and their diverse social, economic, environmental, political and cultural dimensions and its interlinkages.

CSDS works to mobilise regional and local resources of expertise to promote practical solutions for sustainable development, including the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement.

The local chapter of the CSDS is co-hosted by EduCARE India and InSustainedFutures in partnership with a local organisation.

It aims to mobilize academic institutions, research centres, civil society organizations, businesses, government offices and other knowledge centres to focus on practical problem solving for sustainable development.

CSDS brings together sustainable development actors from the region drawn from civil society, public, and private sectors.

CSDS facilitates training, research, development, consultancy and advocacy initiatives with a specific focus on regional challenges and solutions to achieve the SDGs.

The roles of the CSDS:

  • Raising awareness of the SDGs and ‘localizing’ the goals;
  • Promoting solution initiatives for sustainable development in the region;
  • Promoting education for sustainable development; and
  • Assisting the local NGOs and GOs in identifying local, and regional sustainable development challenges and in devising long-term strategies.

Founded in 2007, the InSustainedFutures is a forward-looking comprehensive research and development

EduCARE India
Founded in 1994, EduCARE India …….

Working with the Government, non-governmental organisations and community partners, CSDS proactively seeks out the root causes of social issues, bringing multiple and cross-sectoral parties together to address them through innovative approaches. While continuing to fund a wide range of projects, the centre is placing special emphasis on four areas of strategic focus:

Youth – Empowering youth for a hopeful future
Women – Empowering women for a hopeful future
Elderly – Building an age-friendly region
Sports – Promoting active participation and sportsmanship, making sports fun and accessible to all
Arts, Culture & Heritage – Building a culturally vibrant region, enriching lives and promoting social inclusion


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