Community Engaged Applied Research and Development

Our Community Engaged Applied Research and Development work focusses on local community and organizations to develop real-world solutions for specific problems, challenges and specific innovative needs. These solutions will ultimately facilitate regenerative sustainable development and innovation capacity of the local organizations, communities, and of the region as a whole.

Research is a calculated investigation that provides a base for the decision-making. It can be understood as the study undertaken by an individual or entity systematically, for finding out solutions to the problems under consideration. Survey or experiment are carried out to gather information as per the objectives. Based on utility, research is divided into two categories, i.e. basic and applied research, wherein basic research is one that adds further knowledge to the actual knowledge.

On the contrary, applied research implies the research that is put to practical use and is beneficial to solve practical problems.

Applied research for programmes, projects and products development is focused on developing new products and services based on the needs of target region / community / market. It focuses on gathering information about problems and needs and finding ways to improve on an existing solution or create new solutions that solves the existing problem or satisfy the identified needs.


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