At / Out of / After School Program

Children’s At / Out of / After School Program

Children's At / Out of / After School ProgramChildren’s At / Out of / After School Program—that is also called ‘Children’s Fun Club” at some places —provides activities for children (varying age from 6 to 14 years) in the school or local community are during at / after school hours.

This is in response to everyone seeking children and  adolescents learning new skills at / after school. The aim of the At / Out of / After School Program (ASP/Fun Clubs) is to provide the children a space for educational and creative activities.

Games are often focused around positive recreation, awareness, and life skills. We also incorporate EduCARE India’s rural sustainability principles, SWASH, into the ASP/Fun Clubs once a month. The greater village community is involved with larger activities for special events, such as Children’s Week in November.

Our belief is that if the young people are exposed to this kind of creative and informal learning through Children’s At / Out of / After School Program, it will bring out some positive impact among not only for a positive self-development but also impacting some of them who will have the sensitivity and capacity to be youth volunteers for local leadership in sustainable development in the years to come.


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