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EduCARE India harnesses global youth leadership to develop a futuristic self-sustainable organisation with a collaborative ownership and operations management based on the principles of cyclic human resources, social entrepreneurship, cooperative  experiential learning and dynamic projects management. The COM (Collaborative Operations Management) leadership team members are listed below.  Click on the individual images for further details.

Project Director & Mentor

As the Project Director of EduCARE India, it is my mission to work and contribute towards creating an increasing number of informed, evolved and globally aware young people who can act as responsible global citizens with the ability to influence the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world. I am passionate about grassroot level community development, social work, global citizenship and sustainable development. Global awareness and education enables individuals to be more informed and aware and to evolve as global citizens. This empowers people to contribute towards developing more opportunities and capacities for global experiences whilst being more sensitive to global issues and sustainable development.

Assistant Director

My passion and career path is to facilitate global thinkers to promote integrated and holistic knowledge, understanding, engagement, skills, wisdom and above all action to effect change.     I have worked in various community development, gender and education training programs and projects. As a trainer and facilitator, I deliver various courses in international development, global awareness and future studies.

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. I have previously studied a Bachelors of Social Science and Masters in Development Practice at the University of Queensland and a Graduate Certificate in Integrated Human Studies.

I arrived at EduCARE India in January 2011, for an internship in Women’s Empowerment and Microfinance.

Initially I was working with women’s Self Help Groups and marginalised migrant communities in rural Punjab.   As the Marginalised Community Empowerment Project Coordinator, I developed holistic and integrated projects with the migrants that included programs for education, health, hygiene, sanitation, waste management, housing and organic farming.

In June 2011 I became the Operations Manager of the organisation where I developed the internal processes of how a grassroots NGO operates.  I created and implemented various policies, along with managing and overseeing projects.  In September 2011, I was accepted in a Fellowship position and became the Assistant Director of the organisation.

Throughout 2012, I initiated the Young Women’s Idea affiliate program. In this role, I was responsible for the HR recruitment, selection and induction of new interns, the program and project continuity, documentation and reporting and internal and external communications.  During this time I also developed the Eco Volunteer Travel social enterprise.

As the Assistant Director in training and development, I developed and facilitated CIEEL courses for interns. These courses are designed to develop interns knowledge and conceptual understanding of topics that are specifically related to their internship with EduCARE India.  The purpose of these courses is to support the integration of theory and practice whilst fostering personal and professional development.

I am currently working remotely as the Assistant Director, Fellowship Coordinator and member of the COM team as well as spearheading various affiliate programs and social enterprises.


Admin and logistics support

In the past, I have studied and worked in catering and hospitality services.  My current aim is to be a self entrepreneur and I have joined EduCARE to further develop my skills and capacities.  I am currently working and learning in the field, contributing to logistical support as well as projects such as Eco Volunteer Travel and village Restore in Himachal Pradesh cluster.

Local liaison and logistics support

I joined EduCARE India in 2004 for desktop publishing for the publication division of the organisation. Since then I have witnessed the organisation grow and evolve and develop through its various projects and centres.
I handle various administrative, legal, accounting and other field liaison work focusing mainly in Punjab cluster.  I am committed to being part of the EduCARE evolution and journey now and into the future.

Admin and logistics support

I got engaged in my family business of catering services at a young age without completing my formal studies.  I chose to be part of EduCARE India as it gives me a new opportunity to contribute to the development of my village in Rajasthan as well as the advancement of my further personal education and development.

Community research and mobilisation

After completing my Masters degree, I am honoured to be selected by EduCARE India as the first community representative of the Young Women’s Association created in my village.  My job role is to assist other team members in village community research, mobilisation and development with a focus on women.  I am also organising member of the Eco Home Stay initiative.

Training Consultant

I am originally from Queensland, Australia, with a background in training and development and community engagement processes.  I  have worked part time as a training consultant with EduCARE India throughout the past four years. During this time I have trained staff and interns in project management and community engagement, whilst providing advice and support to implement various training initiatives.

I possess extensive experience across a range of fields including agriculture, community development, organisational development, project and management training, having recently sold my training college in Australia. My focus is on people development using mindful management and community engagement techniques.

Operations Coordinator

I am Harmonie, a 24 years old, French and Swiss young lady fascinated by South Asian development and all the challenges it encompasses.

I first joined EduCARE India in May 2015 as a Health Program Coordinator. I wanted to gain practical experience of grassroots work with an NGO. And I am not disappointed!
As a Health Project Manager and Coordinator, I was able to work directly with the girls and women on women’s health and nutrition, crucial aspect of women empowerment and social development in a country where health is still considered luxury.

I enjoyed my experience so much that I applied for the Fellowship Program and here I am now, as an Operations Coordinator. EduCARE India gave me the opportunity to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. Managing the Operations of our 5 Centres in rural India is definitely not boring and everyday I learn, enjoy and discover more!

I am working for what I truly believe in and when my time here will end, I will be confident about pursuing my ‘development worker’ career in South Asia!

Experience Coordinator

I am from Medellin a beautiful city which is called “the eternal spring” located in Colombia, South America.

I studied at a bilingual school and then I went to college, med school at a private university called Universidad CES, meanwhile I was looking forward to become part of the Doctors Without Borders since I have been always looking to do something that can impact or contribute the welfare of all beings, but after three years I decided to swap into the psychology school, which was also in the same university; really happy with my decision I completed all the courses and meanwhile I did some internships as a therapist, counselor and neuropsychologist. Before getting my degree I went to the United States where I did 2 diplomas; the first one was in child development at Long Island University and the second one was learning and applied behavior analysis at Fairfield University in Connecticut, which gave me a wide perspective in the direction I was looking to focus my career.

I decided to come to EduCARE India, because I saw it as an unique NGO, working on a grassroots level atmosphere, giving me the chance to explore, learn and unlearn, allowing myself to try and fail, to go beyond my limits, applying all my knowledge and seeing how different it becomes when it is applied on ground which has been giving me more maturity, developing my skills and all what is required to be a leader, fulfilling all my dreams, achieving the purpose of my life, believing in myself, improving and working toward my passions.
I feel I have been living in the way I wanted to and I feel so happy about that, no regrets, everything that has been happening to me has been giving me strength, more experience, taking myself out of the comfort zone which allow me to discover all the skills and all the potential within me; Educare India is the perfect NGO that gives me all the platform to develop not only myself as an individual but as a team, as a family, as a community as a global citizen.

I am the Experience Coordinator and the psychologist of EduCARE India.

There are different tasks that are involved in my job role; working on ground with the situations that may arise on each day, understanding the vicissitudes that each individual can face day to day, living and working in the same environment which can be sometimes overwhelming and challenging.
I ensure and promote the positive experience, being next to the interns, having one on one meetings and counselling when it is required, ensuring their welfare, facilitating the induction, giving the overview of Educare and India and all what can be faced during the internship time, the scope, our values, priorities,mission, vision, code of conduct and the understanding of our policies.  On the centre level, promoting the positive atmosphere, conflict management and training.  Not less but on the other hand the paper work, compiling the scenarios, updating the code of conduct, our policies ensuring the commitment and the understanding of our scope of work on ground in Educare India.

My experience with Educare India has been amazing since I arrived, giving me the chance to grow and to have the experience on ground, challenging myself, learning and unlearning continuously, going beyond every time, giving shape and materializing all my dreams, achieving my goals, having the opportunity to work with the rural communities,learning about NGO development and leadership; I am one of those who believe that to build something or to achieve something it is always important to start from the very beginning to have a strong base and then learn step by step with the experience allowing the try and failure techniqueand of course having faith and believing on each progress even though all the progress sometimes is not visible; I am really patience and I know how to take care of my dreams, while they grow and develop; Educare India is like that; from the ground, using the available resources, growing step by step, passing through all the stages and still being flexible always for the change and improvement towards the sustainable living.

I feel so happy for have arrived in such a unique NGO with such a unique team.

Education, Training and Development Coordinator

I come from Italy, I have a master degree in Intercultural Communication and an undergraduate in Anthropology. I lived in Denmark for the past two and a half years of my life to study and work, however to fullfuil my dream and work in the non-profit sector stick around Europe and the Western world did not satisfy me entirely. Therefore I decided to take the chance that EduCARE offered me and to embark in this adventurous world that India represents. Among some offeres I received EduCARE struck me as challenging and unique as the hardship of create sustainable development without external funds is yet to be fully mastered. I strongly believe in the value of this organization and I want to contribute wity my knowledge and my qualifications to the success of their objectives.

I have been assigned the job role of Education, Training and Development Coordinator, a peson in charge of the educational side of the volunteers/interns through the experiental learning platform called CIEEL. The platform is to be fully and effectively developed yet, however some courses are already availabe and attended. I envision an experiencial learning for the interns that is not solely constituted of ground work (although this part is crucial for their education) but on theories and approaches that over years have challenged the non-profit sector. Moreover, through an interactive learning, interns would be able to exchange opinions and suggestions extremely valuable for the application of their projects on field.

So far I can tell my experience is proceeding positively; the amount of work is moderate as transition periods teach, however ideas are many and I lookd forward to implementing them especially in regards to the CIEEl platform. Furthermore, I expect to strenghten my knowledge concerning the non-profit sector and the concrete obstacles faced on ground when interacting with local communities and limitations of funds. I additionally would like to participate into the design of a meaningful and educational platform that interns and not only can use to obtain resources and knowledge.

I am Nicholas Stevenson, from The Honors College at Arizona State University in the United States of America. I have joined EduCARE India for NGO internship in Dec 2016 as the Operations Coordinator for ViKAS Dev SEVA Centre initiative.
I will coordinate and manage the operations of our 6 to 8 NGO centres and team of 30 to 60 young international and local volunteer-interns in rural India.
I have more than three years of experience working for nonprofit and government agencies in both leadership and management positions. I am confident to learn and gain more experience from this opportunity.
Communications Coordinator

I am Mercedes and I was born in the South of Spain but I did my university studies in Madrid. I studied Advertisement and Public Relations and I did my last year in Italy with an Erasmus Scholarship. Later I kept living abroad and  I took part in a one-year project with the European Voluntary Service program in a Greek island called Chios, after that I stayed one more year as a worker for the organization.

I came to EduCARE because I wanted to keep discovering different work environments, challenging myself and standing out of my comfort zone. Also in EduCARE I am able to merge two of my passions communications and grass-root action. I have always wanted to see and experiment the whole world since I feel it as my home and because is one of EduCARE aims it felt right to come and try. Also EduCARE’s principles like sustainable development, local action with a global perspective and social change that leads to social development feel really related to me and my vision of how humanity should think and act.

I will be the Communications Coordinator the following months and I will try to improve and develop the internal communication since is essential for the well function and wellbeing of the organization. Also making EduCARE more visible and improving its external communication will help the organization to move forward. So far my experience with EduCARE has been really rewarding and it keeps challenging and question myself every single day.

HR Coordinator

I was born in the South of Spain but my heart belongs to many places as I lived in various countries during the last 10 years. I studied a Law degree and from the first year at college until today I have worked as a waitress in some catering companies while studying or working in different fields. I knew hospitality was for me so I studied hospitality management after graduating. After few years living and working in different countries across Europe I decided to focus on HR. At the beginning I didn’t understand the decisions I’ve made in the past but then I understood that people were the common point.

I believe in people and I try to bring the best from all of them. For a while I thought I could do more and then I got to know EduCARE from some friends. Through this NGO I could work as HR Coordinator, work and get along with the interns as well as with the community, I could learn, use my knowledge on the ground, get another perspective of work and life and try to bring new ideas to the HR department.”

PR adn Marketing Coordinator

I am Juliette and I come from France. I am 24 and currently involved in a master degree in Marketing and Communication in a french Business School. I took a gap year in july 2015 to gain some experience and travel abroad.

I’ve always been fond of traveling and exploring abroad, so I first went to India in august 2015 to work in a travel agency for seven months as a Business Developer and Partnership Manager.

I heard about EduCARE India while I was trying to find a way to stay in India because I felt totally in love with this country and especially Himachal Pradesh. One of the EduCARE India fellow told me that the organization was looking for someone for Marketing and PR so I applied. I feel in line with EduCARE India values and goals, so I was pretty sure I would fit the organization and it would fit me. I’m glad and proud to be a part of the NGO to try to improve India’s development through in-ground actions.

I joined the COM Team as a Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator. My job will mostly be to promote the image and main projects of EduCARE India externally through marketing campaings and external communication supports to improve the visibility and understandability of the organization. Moreover, I will work along with the HR to improve the recruitment process especially through the advertisment and offers for universities, schools…

Let’s just face all the challenges and make the best of this awesome experience ! 🙂

Finance Coordinator

My name is Sacha and I am a French undergrad student in Political Sciences.

I decided to do an internship in EduCARE India as Microfinance Project Manager as part of my curriculum. Indeed I want to enter a Master Degree in Economic Development and I saw this as an opportunity to experience development work on the field and confront my ideas and expectations with the reality of Indian context.

When arriving in EduCARE I have been offered to combine my Project Manager position with the Finance Coordinator position of the organisation. This combination of field work and management position is for me a great opportunity. I want to work hard to ensure an optimal use of the ressources of EduCARE but also to ameliorate the financial systems of this unique organisation.

EcoBuilding Project Coordinator and Rait Centre Coordinator

I am from Cyprus. I grew up in a small town in Northern Cyprus within Turkish Cypriot community. During my time in Cyprus, I have atended many bicommunal activities with Greek Cypriot youths, mainly about youth activisim, conflict resolution, which raised my awareness of engaging with other cultures and communities.

Thus I did my undergraduate in UK on Aerospace Engineering. My mainstream has been avionics which was electronics and control systems. During my studies, I got keen on sustainable engineering where I have completed my masters degree on blade pitch control of wind turbine. However, being studied a fast pace highly competitive area, I have chosen an alternative path of rather than being a part of corporate system, making real steps and real changes on people’s lives.  I got interested in to sustainable living, I had some trainings on renewable energy and sustainable building in relation to bamboo structures, clay, cob houses and any alternative ways of building. I wanted to expand my community awareness horizons to South East Asia , experiencing and learning from the roots and community. Being part of EduCare in this sense is a life changing step on my journey to attain realisation of different morals of communities and bringing my attention to a sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and economically freed communities.

My role in EduCARE is to lead and to bring innovational approach in Eco building program. Although I have started my internship as an Eco building Project manager situated in Rait,  my current role is being the Eco building Coordinator, being responsable, coordinating and managing the Eco building projects as well as providing support to the Eco building Project managers. Eco building program is still on its grass-roots level and like a baby of the mother EduCARE India, there have been distinctive achievements acquired so far by the Eco building team. First of all , the urgent needs of the centres have been improved to sustain a better living and working conditions. Moreover, the projects related to improve communities living conditions have kick started, designed and on the process of development. There has been a really succesful and efficient Eco building training and workshop held in Indra Colony, Gajner Centre, building a model Eco-homestay in collaboration with interns and the community members there. Furthermore, the Eco building team is working passionately to improve the conditions and facilities of the ReStore in the centres developing new solutions and creative product lines. The last but not least, there are exciting projects on-going within Eco building program which are the construction of a greenhouse and vertical farming area in collaboration with Forestry Program, the building of an earthquake shelter in collaboration with the Disaster Management team, works on launch of ReStore, construction of multipurpose office and comunal space as well as eco-homestays with local and traditional materials.

EduCARE is a challenging, multilearning platform for a person who is pationate on applying knowledge and related experience practically within the communities. One should live it to fully understand such an experience in India!


Forestry and Harike Centre Coordinator
I am Lily and I come from Australia. I have a background in forest science and forest management and I am also interested in science communication and fostering community engagement with environmental issues. I joined EduCARE India as a project manager to learn about community based forestry and to get practical experience in reforestation. Early in my internship I was offered to take on the role of Forestry and Organic Farming Project Coordinator and the Centre Project Coordinator of the Harike centre.

As a Project Coordinator I oversee the people and projects that are within the forestry and organic farming programme and provide support to project managers in the different centres across India. One of the things I most enjoy about being a project coordinator is seeing how dynamic the team is in facing challenges and coming up with creative solutions in the field.

I am also the Centre Project Coordinator of the Harike VIKAS centre. In this role I support the project managers in Harike by assisting with the planning and goal setting of their projects as well as making sure that the projects are working towards the goals and sustainability of the centre.

Gajner Centre Project Coordinator

I am Camille, I am French and I came with Debora in order to work on SWASH project. I study Materials Chemistry and I think we need to protect the environment and I want to take part of this. I always wanted to do volunteering and EduCARE India gave me the opportunity to work in the field and manage my project by learning and interacting with an Indian community. Water and waste management is a big challenge in India and we are doing some research to know more about the systems and the community.
One month and a half ago, I also became Centre Project Coordinator in Gajner, it is a lot of responsibilities but I love it! I have to help people to manage their projects, get an overall vision of the centre and we work all together to create projects that follow the global needs. It is also nice to see the links between the different projects and how they are all related to different areas like Health, Environment, Education, Safety and Economy.

SWASH Project Coordinator and Gajner Centre Coordinator

My name is Debora, I am 22 years old. I am Portuguese but I study Environmental Chemistry in Montpellier, France.

I have always been very aware about environmental issues and I came to India to participate in a positive change. I also came to India to learn and experience a new culture and way of living. This internship has already brought me so much as I now understand all the aspects and challenges of Sustainable Development. What I find more exciting in this experience is that the NGO is mostly run by interns. We are all collaborating to make EduCARE India grow everyday. I really enjoy having a broad vision of how everyone fits into the Organization and is participating in the positive change we are trying to create among the communities. This has lead me to become Center Coordinator and SWASH Coordinator.

I am Center Administrative Coordinator in Gajner, Rajasthan. The community is extremely welcoming and interesting here so I am really glad to be a part of this. My role is here is to handle all administrative aspects of the center: interns, expenses, facilities… It is important to create positive working dynamics in the team and make sure everyone is having a good experience!
As SWASH (Sanitation of Water, Air, Soil for Healty Villages) Coordinator, I am in charge of its development in EduCARE India. I provide assistance and guidance to all SWASH Project Managers and make sure the whole team is working towards the same goal!I really want to improve communication among interns because I firmly believe we have so much to learn from each other.

RangMahal co-Centre Coordinator

I am currently the CPC (Centre Project Coordinator) of the Vikas Centre in Rangmahal, Rajasthan. As the Vikas Centre opened one month ago, we are still working on creating a solid and sustainable basis. We have all been very busy on trying our best to create something from scratch and in the coming months we hope to have created a well-running Vikas Centre with interns covering various topics .Besides working as the CPC I am also a Project Manager in empowerment and microfinance.

Being a third-years BSc student in Rural Development and Innovation, I have been learning about empowerment, food security, microfinance, agribusiness management, multi stakeholder processes, rural livelihoods, geographical information systems, and much more. An obligatory part of my study is a 20-week internship, which I chose to do at EduCARE India. I have been intrigued by India and her culture since childhood and after finding out more about the philosophy of EduCARE India, it seemed the perfect opportunity for me to work with locals on grassroots level. I do not only want to use my knowledge and skills, I also want to improve them and gain new skills and knowledge.

From September onwards I will do the minor Freedom from Hunger at the ‘‘greenest’’ university of Holland. I hope my internship at EduCARE India will be of great value to my study career and that I can use it in my future working field. Until now I have been enjoying my internship to the fullest and already learned more than I would have ever imagined.

Women's Empowerment Project Coordinator

Since I started studying Psychology, I wondered more and more how it comes that ordinary people can do such horrible thing towards another human beings. Through a specialization in Social Psychology I started focussing more on group behaviour and followed a minor in Conflict Studies to learn more about the processes of conflict, negotiation and human rights.

Although I was very passionated about my studies, I missed some practical experience. That’s why I joined Educare at February 2016. I started as a project manager for Health and Women’s Empowerment with a special focus on domestic and sexual violence, and later I became the Women’s empowerment Project Coordinator.

I believe our role is to broaden perspectives of both men and women, give a voice to those who are silenced, and give people the support they need to empower themselves.

Creative Cultural Cooperative Coordinator

My name is Emma. Although I was born in Spain, I came directly from the UK where I lived and worked the last five years of my life

I graduated in Fine Arts with an ambition to generate citizenship experiences, knowledge, new perceptions, sensations, emotions and ultimately to develop new values. As a result I have dedicated and I will dedicate my professional career to this aim, using culture as a vehicle to increase peoples’ quality of life and to make the world a more prosperous place to live in.

As perfect chance for me to keep developing myself as individual and professional I found that EduCARE created Creative Cultural Cooperative as project on March 2016. I joined EduCARE on April 2016 as CCC Project Manager, becoming CCC Project Coordinator on June 2016.

Since the very beginning I have been working on developing CCC concept project and on its implementation on the different EduCARE India Vikas centres, as project in situ and as tool for the promotion of other projects.







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