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The organisation has the following multi-faceted organisational architecture that can continually contribute visionary, strategic, management, operations and experiential learning support services to all stakeholders.

– Board of Trustees
– Patrons, Advisors & Mentors
– Local Leadership Committees
– Coordination and Management Teams
– Volunteers / Interns Teams

EduCARE India is working to harness global youth leadership to develop a futuristic self-sustainable organisation with a collaborative ownership and operations management based on the principles of cyclic human resources, social entrepreneurship, cooperative  experiential learning and dynamic projects management.

The coordination, operations and management is administered by team participation of the Directors, Coordinators and the members of the Local Leadership Committees, volunteers and interns. The current team members are listed below.

Project Director & Mentor

As the Project Director of EduCARE India, it is my mission to work and contribute towards creating an increasing number of informed, evolved and globally aware young people who can act as responsible global citizens with the ability to influence the creation of a more peaceful and sustainable world.

I am passionate about grassroot level community development, social work, global citizenship and sustainable development. Global awareness and education enables individuals to be more informed and aware and to evolve as global citizens. This empowers people to contribute towards developing more opportunities and capacities for global experiences whilst being more sensitive to global issues and sustainable development.


Education & Training Coordinator

Originally from Sydney, Australia, with a background in international development and human rights. Currently studying Emergency and Disaster Management at Charles Darwin university.

My interest in education, training and development started with my experience in organising a local high school event focussed on spreading awareness among young high school students about social justice and gender equality organised by Sydney chapter of United Nations’ Young Women’s Association. I have been participating in various volunteering activities.

I look forward to gaining a long-term experience in grass-root level projects alongside leadership role in EduCARE India and CIEEL.

Resources & Liaison

I joined EduCARE India in 2004. Since then I have witnessed the organisation grow and evolve and develop through its various programs, projects and centres.

I handle various administrative, legal, finance, HR and other liaison work.  I am committed to being part of the EduCARE India evolution and journey now and into the future.

HR, MCH & Legals
M&E Coordinator
Asst Program Coordinator
Assistant Program Coordinator (HR)

Born and raised in Germany, current resident of Austria, I have studied in various countries, including the Netherlands, Canada and the UK. After completing my International Baccalaureate in Germany, I did my Bachelors degree in Social Sciences from University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands, and hold a Masters degree in International Relations from the University of Aberdeen, UK with A focus on human resources management and development. I look forward to work in the field of international development with focus on Human Resources management and development.

Currently, I have taken over the position of Assistant Program Coordinator (HR) at SWASH Village in my domains of interest such as knowledge creation and management, HR support and recruitment communications.


ReStore Program Coordinator
Admin and logistics support

In the past, I have studied and worked in catering and hospitality services.  My current aim is to be a self entrepreneur and I have joined EduCARE to further develop my skills and capacities.  I am currently working and learning in the field, contributing to logistical support as well as projects such as Eco Volunteer Travel and village Restore in Himachal Pradesh cluster.

Admin and logistics support

I got engaged in my family business of catering services at a young age without completing my formal studies.  I chose to be part of EduCARE India as it gives me a new opportunity to contribute to the development of my village in Rajasthan as well as the advancement of my further personal education and development.

Finance Coordinator
Communications Coordinator

I am Mercedes and I was born in the South of Spain but I did my university studies in Madrid. I studied Advertisement and Public Relations and I did my last year in Italy with an Erasmus Scholarship. Later I kept living abroad and  I took part in a one-year project with the European Voluntary Service program in a Greek island called Chios, after that I stayed one more year as a worker for the organization.

I came to EduCARE because I wanted to keep discovering different work environments, challenging myself and standing out of my comfort zone. Also in EduCARE I am able to merge two of my passions communications and grass-root action. I have always wanted to see and experiment the whole world since I feel it as my home and because is one of EduCARE aims it felt right to come and try. Also EduCARE’s principles like sustainable development, local action with a global perspective and social change that leads to social development feel really related to me and my vision of how humanity should think and act.

I will be the Communications Coordinator the following months and I will try to improve and develop the internal communication since is essential for the well function and wellbeing of the organization. Also making EduCARE more visible and improving its external communication will help the organization to move forward. So far my experience with EduCARE has been really rewarding and it keeps challenging and question myself every single day.

SWASH Project Coordinator

My name is Debora, I am 22 years old. I am Portuguese but I study Environmental Chemistry in Montpellier, France.

I have always been very aware about environmental issues and I came to India to participate in a positive change. I also came to India to learn and experience a new culture and way of living. This internship has already brought me so much as I now understand all the aspects and challenges of Sustainable Development. What I find more exciting in this experience is that the NGO is mostly run by young leaders and interns. We are all collaborating to make EduCARE India grow everyday. I really enjoy having a broad vision of how everyone fits into the Organization and is participating in the positive change we are trying to create among the communities. It is important to create positive working dynamics in the team and make sure everyone is having a good experience, provide assistance and guidance to all Project Managers and make sure the whole team is working towards the same goal! I really want to improve communication among interns because I firmly believe we have so much to learn from each other.







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