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Working hard, collecting trash!

Steps towards a sustainable future


(towards-a-sustainable-future-swash-project–educare-india-intern-steps) Just a short walk away from the main square in the village of Naddi lives a small community that we refer to as the “Shanney community”. It consists of eight families, about 40 people and although they are only a short distance away from the main village they tend to live their daily lives […]

Solar energy collector project bearin...


Time flies, six months have passed very quickly and now I find myself at the end of my stay in India. It’s been an experience full of amazing people and challenges hidden where least expected. It’s been six months of working on alternative energy project – a solar water heater. During this time I have […]

Caryn’s Gap Year experience

Caryn's gap year

I interned for a grassroots NGO, EduCARE India, in rural Punjab, India for three months. EduCARE India’s vision is to promote pathways to intellectual freedom, social justice, community welfare, economic liberty, and sustainable development for individuals, families and social groups working to achieve their rationalized life dreams. Read more –

Educating Girls about Girls’ Educatio...


When the Taliban shot Malala Yousafzai for going to school last year, the world was finally forced to pay attention to the girls’ education crisis. Globally, 66 million girls don’t attend primary school. And the reasons they stay home invariably relate to gender and socio-economic disparities, like high tuition fees, lack of safe transportation, and […]

Biomass for Power


Recently, the interns involved in the Biogas Workshop held in Himachal Pradesh were treated to an extra day of field visits related to renewable energy in Punjab. The biomass plant visit was among the many highlights of this extended workshop. Located near Nakoda, the Green Planet Energy Ltd Biomass Plant produces 7,000 kilowatts of energy […]

Making Healthy Choices !


Last week in Naddi, we took over Fun Club (the after school program) in Sheney to teach the kids about what it means to be healthy and making healthy choices. The kids were all enthusiastic as we brainstormed what it meant to be healthy, but they were even more excited when we brainstormed unhealthy things, […]

Migrants’ Children Education Pr...


Education leads to empowerment; it is more so true for the children in the rural Migrants communities. On the outskirts of Janauri village lies a small migrant camp that has all to often been overlooked by the Indian society. The cast system does not only limit access to basic provisions but also stifles children’s opportunities to […]

Intern with us today

Intern with us today

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Quote of the month

Have the dogged determination to follow through to achieve your goal; regardless of circumstances or whatever other people say, think, or do. Two types of voices command your attention today. Negative ones fill your mind with doubt, bitterness, and fear. Positive ones purvey hope and strength. Which one will you choose to heed?