Megan Beare

Asst Programme Coordinator

Originally from Dublin, Ireland, with a background in Economics and Sociology, and interest in global health, I have embarked on a career journey in public health.

I have in the past taught sexual and reproductive health to women and girls in rural Uganda, and undertaken community based health and disease mapping in rural and marginalised communities India.

Not only I have gained an insight into such sensitive topics in the context of a different cultures, I have also learned how to do so in a low resource environment while working as part of a multi-cultural team.

With experience and skills ranging from monitoring and evaluation, running baseline and end-line surveys, research, communications, debating, event organising, and other myriad experiences, I have honed my leadership and administrative skills, including attention to detail and clear communication, to take up the position of Asst Programme Coordinator, Healthcare Outreach in EduCARE India.

I look forward to contributing to and gaining a long-term experience in leadership role in EduCARE India and its affiliate programme organisations.