SWASH Village

Swash(SWASH – sanitation, waste management, India)
SWASH Village initiative is about promoting sanitation and waste management in rural India

Environment is maybe one of the biggest challenges that India faces today. The drastic increase of population and consumption in both villages and cities has stretched the local ecosystems capacity to absorb these human impacts.

The SWASH program, which is short for “Sanitation of Water, Air and Soil for Healthy Village Life,” is a program of environmental health, for the land and the people who rely in it.

Its goal is to reduce the impact of human activities on water, air, and soil to a minimum. By doing so, the interns participating in EduCARE India internship promotes a healthier and safer environment for all living beings.

SWASH Village is active in three main sectors:

1. Solid Waste Management: trash reduction, collection, reusing, recycling and proper disposal of garbage;

2. Water Sanitation and Conservation: filtration of water, building eco-friendly toilets, improving sewage systems, alternative sources of water;

3. Air pollution reduction: improved stoves, information on air pollutant, reduction of use of oil-powered engine.

20150323-EduCare013As a SWASH intern, you will have the opportunity to live and work directly in a rural community and rewardingly contribute to remediating some of the most obvious environmental issues in the country: excess trash, lack of proper waste management services, soil degradation, tackle open defecation, poor water sanitation services and shortages in fresh, clean water supply.

At the moment multiple projects are held under the SWASH banner:

– A solid waste management system for the shopkeepers of Naddi (Himachal Pradesh)

– A water sanitation project to provide safe water to local communities in Punjab

– Research on waste production and disposal patterns in Gajner (Rajasthan) and Rait (Himachal Pradesh)

SWASH - sanitation, waste management, IndiaSWASH – sanitation, waste management, India rural NGO SWASH – sanitation, waste management, India

SWASH – sanitation, waste management, India – rural india SWASH – sanitation, waste management, India


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