Study / Educational / Learning Tours

We host tour groups interested in cultural exchange, sustainable development, environmental issues for experiential learning. Along with the student groups, we have also sometimes hosted groups of adults and families too.

The accommodation for the groups is either provided at our volunteer houses or home stays or other customized facilities that may include a hotel in town or home-stays in the village, depending on group needs and interests.

Our local staff, students and members appreciate the chance to meet people from different countries, develop inter-cultural appreciation and global perspectives, and to practice their communication and English skills.

For full-service groups, we take care of all the local travel and activities, which can include home-stays in the villages, treks, visits to heritage, and religious sites and social, developmental and/or environmental work organisations, with following possible activities:

1. Stay at our institutional facilities together with interactions with students / families and experience the local culture first-hand.

2. A short excursion and stay in villages in home-stay building, tents or camps, off the beaten path has also been found interesting by a many while contributing to the village economy.

3. Guided learning tours to heritage, cultural, religious places, local festivals, museums, and other sites of importance, etc.

4. Undertake volunteer work in our programs / projects of interest – EcoAgriculture, Reforestation and Outdoor work; sanitation and water conservation, animal welfare and wildlife conservation, renewable energy, children and women’s education project, etc.

4. Visit other local educational institutions / non-profit organisations to see sustainable development, and have a group conversation with local guest speakers at our conference with local partners.

5. Trek and adventure activities in the nature to your level of challenge.

6. Any small funds saved from such group tours go to our organisational assets and is used to sopport our projects.

7. If you are thinking of planning a trip for a group of students, contact us. Please do not consider bringing a group of less than 6 persons and for less than a week to give us enough time to get to know and impact each other.

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