Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainability and Sustainable Development

Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainability and Sustainable Development program was developed towards ensuring sustainability of our impact programs  and programs on ground while adhering to sustainable development principles.

We have embedded Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainability and Sustainable Development within our ViKAAS Centres initiative, that include,

– Village Organics, Handicrafts and Rural Economy Store (REStore)
– Village health awareness and assistance centre
– Education and Career resource centre

Our partner social enterprise initiatives include:

> CIEEL – Centre for International Experiential Education, Learning & Research
> EcoStoreOnline – under development

A question is often asked – can social enterprise really contribute to sustainable development and save the world? Our answer is always in affirmative. There are many examples of social enterprises creating positive environmental impacts. While they are not all motivated by environmental concerns, the social enterprise model have shown good case examples of enabling business success combined with sustainability.

We had stumbled and reflected many a times, but the effort has not stopped. Anyone joining us should believe in the following five princples, following which, we seem to be moving more productively and steadily:

>Never stop. It will get very hard. You will want to quit.
>Don’t expect a lot of income-salary in the first few years. You may have to put certain things on hold.
>Say goodbye to people in your business if they aren’t right for or don’t believe in your social business theory and      practice. It’s less painful in the long run.
>Be careful about who you listen to. Everyone has well-meaning advice, and yet you must keep your mind open too.
>Know your business – ss your social enterprise sustainable? Will someone actually pay for your services (vs you  hope they will) and does it have a real impact? There are a lot of businesses that aren’t social and there are a lot of    socials that aren’t business.


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Backyard chicken coop micro-enterprise model for women in poor households through responsible micro-finance is being initiated in the agricultural plains of Punjab at Harike as an applied research initiative after its successful implementation in Himachal hills and Rajasthan desert region.
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Starting chicken coop project through Denish and French intern.and training has been conducted by K.v.k.department for #Harike community Village for women empowerment.....

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Congratulations to Liz and Rekha for Natural eco herbal soap making at Naddi ViKAAS Centre !
>> Eco products supporting
- responsible production and consumption (SDG-12)
- rural local women micro-entrepreneurship
- sustainibilty of Village ReStore and NGO ops
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