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Fellowship Sponsorship / Scholarship / Becoming a Fellow Sponsor

Through the Fellowship Program a number of emerging leaders worldwide are being equipped with skills for sustainable decision-making. We are looking to scale up our activities and we are keen to extend our network of sponsors in order to achieve this.

Fellow Scholarships
A lot of our Fellows would not have been able to take part in our program were it not for scholarships. We have worked with a few organizations and individuals in the past who have generously sponsored scholarships. In return for your generosity we would be able to offer you a branded/named scholarship.


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Congratulations for the new rural micro-enterprises at Gajner in Rajasthan - steps towards local sustainability:
@ Manoj - Desert Camel Safari,
@ Durga - Ecohomestay and EcoFoods
@ Village ReStore, Gajner @ EcoDEVA !
for eco-travellers-volunteers
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Congratulations to Lauren for successful biochar production during first stage of her grey-water sanitation project in Naddi !👐 @ Lauren @ Gulshan @ water sanitation @ swash ... See MoreSee Less

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Sports Empower Girls !
Congrats to Harike team leading the way through this new initiative...
(Cora, Khushbu, Charlotte, Yana, India, Andrea, Ankita, Ankur, Josh, Gabriel, Felix, David, Marc, Janus, Gulshan, and other Harike Buffallo team-members :)
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