Safe Mother

Safe Motherhood and Child Health Program

Various studies showed that maternal and child mortality rate is high among the marginalized communities or those with low educational attainment.

To help overcome these issues, our objectives include:

  • Increase literacy and health awareness of women
  • Improve their health care practices and knowledge
  • Reduce pneumonia, diarrhea and other such ailments
  • Promote personal hygiene and routine health checks and pap smears
  • Improve antenatal care / prenatal care
  • Access to mid-wifery support for home-delivery
  • Improve the health and nutrition status of children through improved health awareness of families and communities
  • Improve breastfeeding practices
  • Promote healthy parenting
  • Increase fully immunized children
  • Improve home management of childhood illnesses
  • Improve micronutrient supplementation


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