Our philosophy relies on the principles of:

  • Education- educating local communities, individuals and especially women and youth in the areas of waste management, natural resource conservation and environmental and wildlife awareness
  • Empowerment- empowering ourselves and others to change the way we grow and develop as an economy, society and person, electing to take our time and commit to trial and error to find a better way to live and work
  • Environmental Health- protecting, conserving and rehabilitation the local environment, with its flora, fauna and natural resources, so that all creatures can live healthier, better lives
  • Sustainable development- ensuring that the opportunities of today that do not diminish for seekers of tomorrow

We believe that:

  • Local communities are capable of developing from within, without external financial aid;
  • Creative and new approaches to problems are needed to cause a real and sustainable impact;
  • If we lead by example creating new solutions, we can inspire people to join / follow us;
  • Volunteering and a general belief in the need to help each other should serve as the base of change;
  • A social entrepreneurial approach is the most effective and sustainable;
  • Allowing people to rely on charity for their livelihood encourages ‘rent-seeking’ behavior, discourages self-help, and is thus not supported;
  • A lot can be done with willpower and passion; money is not the only agent for change;
  • Awareness through education is the basis of creating a desire to develop sustainably;
  • Youth can be at the lead for community based sustainable development through engagement, development and role-modelling approach.


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