Eco-Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming

Eco-Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming

Kitchen Garden Preparation

Some of the developments in modern agriculture in the last century led to use of a lot of external  chemical resources to increase yield productivity that has created an increasing negative impact on the environment creating threats to other species, environmental pollution, habitat destruction and risks to human health and welfare. Eco-Sustainable agriculture and organic farming / bio-dynamic farming etc are seen as sustainable, environmental sensitive, resource-conserving, economically viable and socially supportive, commercially competitive, approaches in the long-term.

Eco-Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming initiative aims to providing an opportunity for maximising sustainable living for rural families where it is not being practiced. The team members develop kitchen gardens and organic composting structures, give advice and help where needed, and alternatively spending time in residential community visiting other rural families and sharing farming techniques and organic methods

Currently, we have two small farming plots for small-scale cultivation, fruit tree plantations and herb gardens. In addition to these farms, we also have gardens to be maintained at our volunteer houses. Many have been started, and some have yet to be initiated, which is a great opportunity for future volunteer-interns to start from scratch!

The Eco-Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming projects also focuses on many aspects of small-scale organic farming. Some of these focus areas are: vertical gardening, house/kitchen gardens, herbal and floral cultivation, organic seed creation and storage, mushroom cultivation and organic composting and fertilizer production. The organic farming work is a combination of hands- on farm work, research, and community outreach and supporting functional model of sustainable, healthy, and profitable food production.


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