My international family


My international family

I am here above my past, above negative people,

I am here in search of new learning, some good friends and exposure,

I am here to serve people, understand myself & to deal with my fears,

I am here to make a change,

I am here to listen to every word so I can make a change,

I am here for a beautiful world of sustainability,

I am here at


I have always been a family boy, born and raised all these years always surrounded by relatives and family members. But here, at EduCARE, I have found my international family; a family that made my journey easy during this internship.

My first week at EduCARE was like a sudden earthquake, everything changed. I was prepared for this but it was hard to manage all the stuff by myself. One day I thought if they (international family) can leave their homes, their developed countries, and live in village environment/culture why can’t I? This question instigated me to be stronger and think more positively. I then realized that what I needed to do was break through my boundaries. Slowly and steadily I adapted to the environment /culture.

Someone once said, “Life starts outside your comfort zone” so here I am out of my comfort zone to achieve many things, to collect stacks of experiences and adventures from my international family. I call all my fellow interns my family because some are interesting, some are boring, some are positive, some are negative, some are happy, others are just lack sense of happiness; they all are just like a typical Indian family. They perceive India and Indians in different ways than the way I do, but I want to say that all Indians are not same, our values/ culture are not same, so never generalise any negative behaviour, value, or action.

While working on a grassroots level, I have realized my potential. I am working on Vertical Organic Farming and Biopesticides in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Local people here are so helpful and respectful, they treat us like leaders here, and so we are. I work with my international family, share experiences, cook food, share memories and after every week we create memories on weekends. I explored my inner strength here and I will continue to work on it. I will definitely come here again to meet and work with my international family for a long time.

This is one of the journeys in my life that I will never forget. I will take some good friends and good memories from here. I can truly say that this internship brought a spark in my life.

“Mingle together and enjoy the Jingle”

Sincere thanks to; Mr Baljinder Bhullar & Mr Gulshan Manhas

Jaspreet (India)

Organic Farming Project Manager

Paro Centre


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