Internship benefits / incentives


Internship benefits/incentives

Housing living

All international interns are provided with free housing with basic amenities during their internship in India. A room is usually shared by two interns. All houses have 2 to 4 rooms for hosting 6 to 8 interns and are located near the project work sites where interns work. Interns live and work together with other interns from around the world.

Interns live in rural villages near to district headquarters. The basic accommodations  may have insects, mosquitoes, flies and ants and geckos. In some centres the closest cafeteria is at least 15 minutes away. At some places there may not be an automatic hot water shower in winter, so you may have to heat water manually and take a bucket bath. Hygiene standards may be low compared to the West and some places may only have Asian squat toilets.


Interns are responsible for the cost of their own food. Interns usually cook for themselves in the kitchen in the intern house. Most interns combine both methods for food, and cook and share a meal together in the evening (cost averaging less than $2 a day). Interns may also choose to eat locally at the local restaurant, where the food is cheap and traditional North Indian (dhal, rice, chappati, veg, curry etc).


Every intern is reimbursed for work related approved local travel expenses upon providing (bus/train) receipts.


Free internet is available at each ViKAAS Dev SEVA Centre or at an Intern house facility. Local mobile phone SIM cards are provided to interns which can also be charged with internet data if you possess a smartphone. Interns are required to bring their own laptop and mobile phones.


Interns do plan and take time off together or individually to travel on the weekends or in holidays. Also you will be entitled to one week holiday after every 2 months of work.

Training and development

As part of our internship program, all interns are able to undertake a 12 week experiential learning course related to your project or interest area.

CIEEL India courses are designed to develop experiential knowledge and conceptual understanding to topics that are specifically related EduCARE India field work.  The purpose of these courses is to support the integration of theory and practice whilst fostering personal and professional development.  Through participating in organised community engagement activities, you will gain a better understanding of the course content and gain a broader appreciation of the topic overall.  These courses are an integrated part of all EduCARE India projects and internships.

A pre-arrival online induction course is also available for all confirmed interns which covers detailed information about the organisation, Indian culture, cultural integration and adaption and project management tools.


Interns have the opportunity to have their internship reports or field work research published in our online journal.

The Journal of International Experiential Education and Learning (JIEEL) is a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal presenting a diverse range of articles in subject areas such as experiential learning, learning through work-based internship, volunteer work, service learning, grassroots-level sustainable development experiences, therapeutic applications, research and theory, the creative arts, cross-cultural and eco-travelling, outdoor adventure programming, and much more.

JiEEL is a bi-yearly publication for university students, development workers, interns, volunteers and travellers.

Career progression

We allow interns to work on more than one project. Interns may apply for a Project Assistant Manager position and progress to become a Project Manager. Individuals can apply to become a paid Fellow after 3-months of internship for a minimum 1-year extended contract that can start after 3 to 9-months duration of stay with the approval of the Executive Committee.


The title fellow is used for participants in our 1-2 year professional development fellowship program who already possess some level of academic or professional expertise that will serve our non-profit mission.  Interns may apply for a one year fellowship award after successfully completing 3-9 months of unpaid internship.

Our fellows are post-graduates who have shown their commitment and alignment with the organisation and its philosophy throughout a 3-9 month internship with us.  They are given a monthly stipend limited by the government rules <$150 USD monthly for the personal living expenses, free accommodation, professional experience and leadership training. The first three months of Fellowship are probationary. On completion of the fellowship, reimbursement of 1-year visa extension fee $180, insurance limited to $300 and return home actual economy ticket fare expenses limited to $600 (calculated 3-months in advance).

Founded in 2011, the Fellowship Program is a premier program for youth leadership and social service for enrolled EduCARE India internship participants or alumni. These Fellowships offer motivated and aligned young men and women first-hand experience working at the higher levels of the NGO management and sustainable development through social enterprise and volunteer work.