International NGO Internship Program in India

International NGO Internship Program in India

International NGO Internship Program in India is focused on university students and young professionals (duration – ranging from 12-weeks to 1-year) aimed to facilitate experiential learning and professional-development opportunities for self-motivated passionate young people in the work areas of related to development (sustainable development, local / regional / international development, rural development, community development, etc), cross-cultural peace and conflict resolution through integrated sustainable development work, social and economic empowerment, gender equity, community based healthcare, alternative and informal education, global citizenship education, environment conservation, etc.

While helping engaging young people in grassroot level development, EduCARE India’s International NGO Internship Program in India has helped scores of students and professionals develop relevant career education and international work experience with a good measure of affordability, flexibility and quality. As a non-profit, we have hosted hundreds of international volunteer – interns in the past few years.

Positions in this International NGO Internship Program in India and our affiliated organisations and institutions are available in various areas such as:

  • integrated rural sustainable development
  • rural healthcare
  • environmental conservation
  • sustainable and organic kitchen gardening and farming
  • gender equity, girls and women empowerment
  • slums intervention and development
  • micro-finance for integrated community development and poverty evaluation
  • women’s micro-enterprise development for localisation of economy
  • teaching English and cross-cultural awareness
  • IT and computer education
  • children’s after school education through play activities
  • waste management and sanitation, social / community / wildlife forestry,
  • alternative energies, – eco-building. – community based disaster management and emergency planning, development communications and social marketing, eco-fair trade,  etc

The International NGO Internship Program in India work duration may be customized to vary from 6-weeks to 6-months, extendable to 12-months.

There are FREE project-site incentives like basic furnished accommodations with working kitchen and washrooms, workplace with internet communications, local sim card with messaging data, local project related transport, external technical support, mentor-ship and supervisory services are provided by the organisation up to 6 months (extendable to 12-months duration).

There is no institutional weekly or monthly fee charges but a one time standard nominal fee of $670 (up to 3 months) / $ 970 (up to 6-months) is payable by the potential international volunteer-interns for validation, visa documentation, online learning course, admin, civil liability, legal support, external professional resources fee paid for the outsource services.

This is an opportunity for young people to step in, lead and make a difference in their own lives, while making a positive development impact in the communities they work with. Volunteer-interns are supposed to be self-motivated, self-led, self-organised with a passion to learn in the field of work they chose to undertake in alignment to our vision, mission and goals. Individuals with positive attitude to learn and gain cross cultural perspectives, along with creative, systems and design thinking will fit in good. Individuals with rigidity of ideas; over-critical judgmental/monitor-evaluators; not open to creative or lateral thinking; will not be a right fit our organisation.

If interested to volunteer – intern with EduCARE India NGO or its affiliate program NGOs in India through its International NGO Internship Program in India, then please read through other related links on this website for available positions to check if the positions / work areas are suitable to your interests. Also check our blog site to read through experiences of some of the international interns.  Thereafter, email your motivation letter, cv/resume, and id copy through email to >> internship(at)