Get Involved with EduCARE India and its affiliate NGO programs for academic fieldwork, internship, trainee-ship, fellowship, volunteer work, academic field work and research internships.


EduCARE India seeks like minded organisations to partner and work together for the common purpose, way and the goals. If interested, you may contact us at – (at)

Professional volunteers

We have no current paid positions. Professional volunteers with experience and special skill-sets who wish to contribute to our work and are from the local region / from across India may contact us >> hr(at)

Short-term Volunteer-travellers

Individual students / young budget travellers / couples / families / groups looking out for a short-term volunteer-travel / volunteer-tourism for cross-cultural experience or for volunteer-service-learning program may please write to us at >> volunteer(at)

International Volunteer-Internship

We have hosted a large number of international volunteers and interns in the past 15-years in our various programs across number of work locations in different regions of India.

Focused on university students and young professionals, our volunteer – internship program (minimum duration: 4-weeks) has helped many international students and young professionals develop relevant academic, career and international work experience.  Positions are available in our affiliated projects various areas of work such as:

  • Rural development
  • Environmental conservation
  • Organic farming
  • Food Security and Hunger
  • Forestry and wildlife
  • Girls and women empowerment
  • Slums intervention and development
  • Microfinance for integrated community development
  • Teaching English and other foreign languages
  • Teaching children through play activities
  • Waste management and sanitation.
  • Renewable Energy
  • Disaster and Emergency Management – research, mapping, planning, preparedness and training
  • Environment. Health and Safety
  • Public health / Community Health
  • Management

The internship work duration may be customized to vary from 4-weeks to 24-weeks. There is a nominal fee for admin costs, project-site accommodations, boarding-lodging and meals cost. The net connected workplace, online experiential learning guide, and, work-related local approved transport is free.

If interested for details, please send your motivation letter, cv, and id copy through email to >> internship(at) 

Quote for the Month

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