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health and well-being for all in india

Healthcare and Well-being for all in India

Healthcare Outreach (Health and Well-being for All) initiative is focused on supporting and assisting communities in improving their personal, social and environmental health.  Through grassroots solutions, Health and Well-being for All initiative aims to promote healthy lifestyle choices, increase preventative health measures, and improve access to healthcare services. Some of the related projects include:

Healthcare is the right of every individual but lack of quality infrastructure, dearth of qualified medical functionaries, and non- access to basic medicines and medical facilities thwarts its reach to 60% of population in India. A majority of 700 million people lives in rural areas where the condition of medical facilities is deplorable. Considering the picture of grim facts there is a dire need of new practices and procedures to ensure that quality and timely healthcare reaches the deprived corners of the Indian villages.

Though a lot of policies and programs are being run by the Government but the success and effectiveness of these programs is questionable due to gaps in the implementation. In rural India, where the number of Primary health care centers (PHCs) is limited, many centers do not have doctors or medical staff, others do not have lab technicians and some PHCs do not even have a pharmacist.

To control the spread of diseases and reduce the growing rates of mortality due to lack of adequate health facilities, special attention needs to be given to the health care in rural areas. The key challenges in the healthcare sector are low quality of care, poor accountability, lack of awareness, and limited access to facilities.

Various organizations are coming together for improvements in health care and technology plays a crucial role to facilitate this. Community outreach programs is an important vehicle for reducing the discovery-delivery disconnect by bringing health education and health screening services directly to community members. Such programs are consistent with the priority areas of  our initiatives for reducing health disparities.

Our Healthcare Outreach programs play a critical role in improving and extending the reach of health care through activities such as health surveys, basic health screening, health education, case management, and facilitating access to services. These activities can directly and indirectly improve health outcomes of individuals and communities.  The Outreach activities that improve health outcomes may include:

– facilitating community organizing and community empowerment (reaching out to community members in order to identify their health issues and to develop plans addressing those issues)
– sharing culturally appropriate health education
– providing informal counseling and social support
– acting as advocates and connecting people to services
– supporting ongoing disease self-management skills

Programs can also increase positive health outcomes by strengthening the continuity of care and working with rural and migrant populations by connecting patients to services in other areas. Our initiatives are an excellent resource to bridge case management.

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