Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program is a 1-2 year advanced work and study placement designed to provide passionate and highly motivated graduates with entry-level, professional experience in the fields of cross-cultural education, empowerment and sustainable development work, management, human resources, marketing, social business management and communication.

Fellows are awarded a senior management / coordinator position. They are provided with additional training and will be responsible for managing their own department consisting of staff, interns and/or students.

The Fellowship Program is open to anybody who has already completed 3-9 months as an intern with EduCARE India or its affiliate program organisations / institutions.

Fellowships are awarded to applicants based on a number of key performance indicators and reviews conducted throughout the course of their internship. These include a having a positive and professional attitude, a strong work ethic, meeting required goals and objectives, and managing challenges appropriately.


  • Additional tasks and responsibilities with leadership experience
  • Accommodation and work-related expenses paid and a monthly stipend of approximately $150 USD per month for meals and personal care items
  • Reimbursement of one way flight ticket to your home country, one year medical insurance and visa extension fee (paid at the end of Fellowship period)
  • Work-based experiential learning in form of  certificate program (work related field) from affiliated institution or 2-year diploma  (for 2-year Fellows) from a university in India
  • 6 weeks holiday plus designated 1-week study time every 6-months in a calendar year

Contact us at – hr.educare.in@gmail.com, for more inquiries and information about the Fellowship Program.



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